Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?

Here’s a thing. I have been struggling with overwhelming anger and rage for months. Just fumbling a tea bag can provoke an explosion of inchoate rage. Worst of all, and unsurprisingly, working out why and what it’s all about has been really hard. But, and here’s another thing, the driving desire to know something isContinue reading “Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?”

Meditation and the game in my head – from a letter to my brother

I’ve noticed this game in my head when I meditate. If a thought intrudes and I get disturbed by it, I am drawn into further thought, even if that’s the very thing I am ‘trying’ to avoid. The harder I try, or the harder I resist, the more I am captured by the thought process.Continue reading “Meditation and the game in my head – from a letter to my brother”

What on Earth…?

I came here to live, not merely exist, for if I only exist, I shall spend my days yearning to live, nor will I ever stop until I am no more. The politics of life on Earth scorns me, but I am more than that, always. How do I know this? I have lived withContinue reading “What on Earth…?”

Chemo and when isolation hit like a tsunami

I’m midway through Chemotherapy and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to write about when the isolation suddenly crashed in on me. I have lived alone for years and am something of a recluse, so I’m no stranger to living with my own company and even being alone for days on end, but thenContinue reading “Chemo and when isolation hit like a tsunami”