Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?

Here’s a thing. I have been struggling with overwhelming anger and rage for months. Just fumbling a tea bag can provoke an explosion of inchoate rage. Worst of all, and unsurprisingly, working out why and what it’s all about has been really hard. But, and here’s another thing, the driving desire to know something isContinue reading “Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?”

The misery that dare not speak its name

There’s a golden rule for weddings and funerals, ‘Don’t talk about politics or religion,’ and as rules go it’s a pretty good one, though any event that involves drink is at high risk from piss heads who can’t handle it. However, I ain’t here to talk about that, I’m here to talk about the unmentionableContinue reading “The misery that dare not speak its name”

The hideous world of reviews and why I won’t

Since when did it become our new civic duty to provide a product review for nearly every purchase we make? And while I’m on the subject I’d like a number of other crimes taken into consideration: Told off for not reading latest commercial email updates – Businesses closing my account because I’m not spending enoughContinue reading “The hideous world of reviews and why I won’t”


Our minds are an internal playground where we make stuff up. Nothing in there has any basis in objective reality, it is entirely a subjective space. Our minds do exist in an objective reality, our brain, which can be removed and examined, but what we’ll never find is a single thought of the millions, evenContinue reading “Emergence”

Challenged by love

I am going to request, dear reader, that you bear with me on this one. It’s not what it might seem, it is not intended as a religious diatribe or exposition. It’s something that has come to me since dying and returning to this life and really, it’s a question, or perhaps more correctly, aContinue reading “Challenged by love”

The Goose and the Common – evolution

The Goose and the Common – evolution I have said many times that there is nothing that money can’t fuck up, even though it serves a useful function in the global need for a means of exchange for goods. The same is also entirely true of politics and governments, which can be administratively benign, servingContinue reading “The Goose and the Common – evolution”

You cannot earn or make yourself worthy of love

In July 2020, as a few of you will know, I briefly died and on returning to this dear but beleaguered and much abused planet, I discovered that the severe depression which had been my ‘companion’ for the vast majority of my life had healed. I could ‘see’ where it had been, but all thatContinue reading “You cannot earn or make yourself worthy of love”

This is a recent project which I fiercely protect from the curse of money and marketing.

Imagine if someone asked you if you sell your art and if so how much you charge. Now imagine the response, ‘no I do not sell my art work, I give it away (I gift it) simply for pleasure’. So far 93 people have given my little dioramas loving homes and what I am doingContinue reading “This is a recent project which I fiercely protect from the curse of money and marketing.”

The secret wellness of mental illness in the modern world

A recent article “A mad world: capitalism and the rise of mental illness” looks at the rise of mental illness in a sick world, something which has been a dominant focus of my attention for many years. The article also asks, “Many people believe, and are encouraged to believe, that these problems and disorders –Continue reading “The secret wellness of mental illness in the modern world”

Learning to live Intuitively – for life

My world is changing, the more as I come to terms with our individual realities. We each live in a separate world dictated by our own unique experiences of life, both subjective and objective. I am, due to forces and circumstances beyond my control, learning to reassess my reality, which is an entirely good thing,Continue reading “Learning to live Intuitively – for life”