The misery that dare not speak its name

There’s a golden rule for weddings and funerals, ‘Don’t talk about politics or religion,’ and as rules go it’s a pretty good one, though any event that involves drink is at high risk from piss heads who can’t handle it. However, I ain’t here to talk about that, I’m here to talk about the unmentionableContinue reading “The misery that dare not speak its name”

The misconceptions of evil

The misconceptions of evil It is widely believed that good and evil are universal equal and opposite forces, which is entirely wrong because evil is a problem of intent which has no basis in nature. It matters not either in the natural world or spiritual dimension, evil is entirely dependent on intent. It has noContinue reading “The misconceptions of evil”

Liz Truss and the haves and have nots

Liz Truss is right, we’re not understanding her. I was raised on the dictum of the haves and have nots and the problem for Liz Truss is that I don’t think enough of us have really taken that seriously enough. I was raised and educated to be a have not and my job was toContinue reading “Liz Truss and the haves and have nots”

The hideous world of reviews and why I won’t

Since when did it become our new civic duty to provide a product review for nearly every purchase we make? And while I’m on the subject I’d like a number of other crimes taken into consideration: Told off for not reading latest commercial email updates – Businesses closing my account because I’m not spending enoughContinue reading “The hideous world of reviews and why I won’t”

What if?

What if I told you I had been somewhere beyond this life and this physical universe where I could perceive any part of it and perceive that our entire universe existed as but one dimension amongst an infinite number of others? What if our five senses which are so vital to our physical existence onContinue reading “What if?”

You cannot earn or make yourself worthy of love

In July 2020, as a few of you will know, I briefly died and on returning to this dear but beleaguered and much abused planet, I discovered that the severe depression which had been my ‘companion’ for the vast majority of my life had healed. I could ‘see’ where it had been, but all thatContinue reading “You cannot earn or make yourself worthy of love”

The secret wellness of mental illness in the modern world

A recent article “A mad world: capitalism and the rise of mental illness” looks at the rise of mental illness in a sick world, something which has been a dominant focus of my attention for many years. The article also asks, “Many people believe, and are encouraged to believe, that these problems and disorders –Continue reading “The secret wellness of mental illness in the modern world”

Washing the brain washing

It’s a long and drawn out process… I was born not knowing that the universe had given me the free gift of life, my parents hadn’t realised this either, or, if they had, they never thought to mention it to me. Nor did I, or they, realise that we are born onto this abundant Earth,Continue reading “Washing the brain washing”

Learning to live Intuitively – for life

My world is changing, the more as I come to terms with our individual realities. We each live in a separate world dictated by our own unique experiences of life, both subjective and objective. I am, due to forces and circumstances beyond my control, learning to reassess my reality, which is an entirely good thing,Continue reading “Learning to live Intuitively – for life”

Junk Technology and Human Degradation

Any technology, including artificial intelligence, designed to interface with humans that does not take into account human error and fallibility is junk technology. Charging people for this failure is a growing problem and the imposition of increasingly excessive penalty charges is an affront to humanity. Two personal encounters with junk technology, the first with ParkingContinue reading “Junk Technology and Human Degradation”