Keith Lindsay-Cameron, 69, is a retired Community and Youth Worker.

Since retirement he has delved deeply into the corrupt world of politics and for four and a half years wrote a Letter a Day to Number 10, covering the whole (almost) of David Cameron’s misrule as British Prime minister. The entire collection of letters can be found here.

Recently, he experienced an incredible bodily invasion by a super aggressive cancer, which drove him into a hellish world of devastating pain, and in which, over a four week period, he the lost 15 kilos in weight and developed a tumor in his groin the size of a football. A blog post on his experience can be found here.

Returning from a brief encounter with death he made a most remarkable discovery, his life time experience of acute depression had died, he returned a joyously happy and restored man for the first time in his life. Never having known or experienced happiness before.

Post this experience, which he likens to a seeker on a path to self discovery going all around the world and back inside, this recent cathartic experience was a homecoming for Keith, a graduation. He had made the long hard journey and emerged a man not just restored to life, but a brand new life.

He has decided he’s done with politics, which is so corrupt as to be of no earthly use to ordinary people as the government asset strips the nation and drives millions into penury. There is no healing such corruption with the entire power of the state and police and armed forces to exert the will of a state gone rogue. However, there is another way, hence A Conspiracy of Kindness.

Keith is returning to what he loves and does best, people work, music, empowerment through the only significant thing that has the power to transform lives. Kindness. He learnt this throughout his career, that a smile and a kind word can achieve more growth than any other form of social intervention, it is also a way of life and, as Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently said, “be the change you want to see in the world.” Teach by example, live with kindness, integrity and love. If we are to have any chance of transforming the world it must happen on a piecemeal basis, one life at a time.

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