When the line is crossed.

There’s an expression for when something occurs that causes an uncontrollable response of acute distress. It’s called ‘triggering’, ‘trigger’ and being ‘triggered’ and under certain circumstances you can find yourself in a constant state of acute distress without even knowing the cause. I am in that situation and this is an exploration of my circumstances…

A Gentle Anarchy

Now that I have been barred from the Labour party… Aha ahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… oh dear, o dear… I am left with no other place I want to go other than Anarchy. I’ve been here for years, but just needed a Starmer betrayal and kick up the arse to sort…

It is a lie…

It is a lie when they tell us we can’t afford our National Health Service any more. The money they are pouring into the pockets of private profiteers, to make up the lack their cuts created is enough to pay our NHS staff and emergency response workers properly.

A Call To Men Of The Left

As socialists we should welcome wholeheartedly this re-emergence of a radical women’s liberation movement with its broad base of support, and leadership rooted in socialist feminism that has the practical aims of defending women and girls’ limited and hard-won rights, spaces and social provision, and entrenching and extending those gains where possible.

Universal Credit Sanctions Back With A Vengence

Opperman declined to give an explanation as to why twice as many claimants are now supposedly choosing to miss appointments with their DWP advisor. Of course this makes no sense because claimants are desperate to receive their UC payments. Methinks Opperman’s not being honest which comes as no surprise at all.


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