History in the making…

Originally posted on Kay Green:
Adult Human Female: a documentary in defence of women’s rights I am humbly asking all my friends, comrades and readers of my blog to please do something for me. I am one of the many people, mostly women, who have been slandered, abused and disadvantaged in the last few years,…

Even their Christmas parties are evil

Originally posted on Kay Green:
***Long read, but URGENT and IMPORTANT*** This is an article about our NHS, and the point I hope to make is that ALL THE POLITICAL PARTIES must be recognised as the destroyers of our NHS. If we are to save this precious service, we need to think carefully: If you…

Letter to: Chris Philp MP, Paymaster General and Minister for the Cabinet Office

Chris Philp MP, Paymaster General and Minister for the Cabinet Office70 Whitehall,LondonSW1A 2AS 22 October 2022 Dear Chris Philp MP, I wish to complain in the strongest terms against the revolting miscarriage of natural justice if Liz Truss MP is awarded the £115,000 Public Duty Costs Allowance, or even a single penny thereof. She hasContinue reading “Letter to: Chris Philp MP, Paymaster General and Minister for the Cabinet Office”


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Wars between nationsLeave behind gravesAnd traumatised patients,Who suffer cycles of abuseThat go on for generations.The powers that be never seeOr feel, the jack bootKick,Or the crushing heel,Or the torture conductedBehind bars of steel,As mothers and their children payThe price in blood and griefWith every slice of the…


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