Human resources and exploitation, we can do a whole lot better

When Jeff Bezos said, “The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel. That is basically it,” he was talking about turning human and physical resources into money and then converting that into different resources to shoot them into space [1]. WhatContinue reading “Human resources and exploitation, we can do a whole lot better”

The UK needs proactive joyfully revolting people

It’s shockingly bad when fools are in charge making a mess of our lives, especially fools who are so privileged they are beyond incompetent, whose every utterance is pretty much dribbling nonsense. We may have to suffer them and the fools who vote for them but we also have to survive them and that’s theContinue reading “The UK needs proactive joyfully revolting people”

Patch Adams interview and best talk on depression and self harm ever

“I want a world were no one alive can remember what the word ‘war’ means. A world free of violence and injustice. Where everyone is equal. All healthy women say the same thing. All the problems of the world are due to men.” Patch Adams. Patch Adams – Single clip interview Patch Adams Discusses: DepressionContinue reading “Patch Adams interview and best talk on depression and self harm ever”

Revelling in living

I had to stop the indignationit was stealing my lifebreath by breathstealing precious momentsof living nothing good comesfrom the corridors of powerjust powerlessnessas they feed on usand our true wealth Life life is too beautifulto tolerate the theft any longerI want to enjoy the airflowing into megiving me life I want to sing my songplayContinue reading “Revelling in living”


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