When the line is crossed.

There’s an expression for when something occurs that causes an uncontrollable response of acute distress. It’s called ‘triggering’, ‘trigger’ and being ‘triggered’ and under certain circumstances you can find yourself in a constant state of acute distress without even knowing the cause. I am in that situation and this is an exploration of my circumstancesContinue reading “When the line is crossed.”

What on Earth…?

I came here to live, not merely exist, for if I only exist, I shall spend my days yearning to live, nor will I ever stop until I am no more. The politics of life on Earth scorns me, but I am more than that, always. How do I know this? I have lived withContinue reading “What on Earth…?”

The inner monologue and why we don’t think we’re amazing when we are

If you are not aware of your inner monologue, it’s the voice that’s just said, “What’s he on about?” Let’s be clear about our inner monologue or voice, it’s a critic, it’s a carping, down driving, dismal damned critic, which has the (almost) sole purpose of making us feel bad. If there’s anyone out thereContinue reading “The inner monologue and why we don’t think we’re amazing when we are”

The UK needs proactive joyfully revolting people

It’s shockingly bad when fools are in charge making a mess of our lives, especially fools who are so privileged they are beyond incompetent, whose every utterance is pretty much dribbling nonsense. We may have to suffer them and the fools who vote for them but we also have to survive them and that’s theContinue reading “The UK needs proactive joyfully revolting people”

We live in worlds apart

It is perhaps quite hard to think it through and see it, or even believe it, but, none the less, we do. Our lives are as unique as our finger prints, we’ve all (almost, which kind of makes a point) got them, but they are each unique. I have a friend, Charlotte Hughes, who livesContinue reading “We live in worlds apart”