When the going gets tough, get colourful

I am finding life tough right now. Cognitive impairment is high and very difficult to deal with. I am forgetting how to do or manage my life on an hour by hour basis. I recently ran out of gas, but was unable to connect the loss of heating, the immediate problem, with the solution, checkContinue reading “When the going gets tough, get colourful”

How on Earth did my life become a spiritual journey?

The answer is incredibly simple, my life became a spiritual journey because suffering and cruelty drove me to question what life was about at a very young age. There were three significant factors which launched my journey, the first being poverty and witnessing the suffering, terror and daily struggles of my mother to raise us,Continue reading “How on Earth did my life become a spiritual journey?”

Enemy of the state

Since 2010 and the bankers global financial crash in 2008 I have grown ever more comfortable with being an enemy of the state. It might seem scary and a big deal, but it’s really inevitable, sensible and just in a world and a nation that puts profits before people and worse, sacrifices the lives ofContinue reading “Enemy of the state”

The inner monologue and why we don’t think we’re amazing when we are

If you are not aware of your inner monologue, it’s the voice that’s just said, “What’s he on about?” Let’s be clear about our inner monologue or voice, it’s a critic, it’s a carping, down driving, dismal damned critic, which has the (almost) sole purpose of making us feel bad. If there’s anyone out thereContinue reading “The inner monologue and why we don’t think we’re amazing when we are”

Changing your life to find life

Yesterday I posted on Facebook the following: ‘Without my local library I would not have changed my life in the way I did by accessing a book called ‘Holiday Jobs in Britain’. I would not have met my wife and my daughter would not have been born and I would not have become a canoeingContinue reading “Changing your life to find life”

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more… Henry V – William Shakespeare.

I have just had a long, positive, conversation with my replacement Oncologist/Haematologist setting out my daily treatment from 28th December to 26 January. I began the conversation by saying that I have gone from a place of trust to wariness, suspicion and hostility. I also said I have to be able to trust the teamContinue reading “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more… Henry V – William Shakespeare.”

Happy Christmas all you makers and creators – This means you.

We, human kind, are very good at boxing things to the exclusion of others and thus are sectarian divisions and petty hatreds born. No matter who you are or where you are, life is about creating and making, call it art or call it a meal, call it unblocking a pipe or fixing a plug.Continue reading “Happy Christmas all you makers and creators – This means you.”

Life looks after itself

Having decided to take a month out from Chemotherapy to recover somewhat before embarking on the next round, it’s interesting to discover my body is throwing everything it has at recovery. All the effects of Chemotherapy, both physical and mental, have increased in what I can only describe as a mass cleansing of my systemContinue reading “Life looks after itself”

Clinicians who deny that Chemotherapy affects the brain are dangerous fools

Undergoing Chemotherapy, I have experienced and expressed, both verbally and in writing, a loss of cognitive function in my brain and even stopped driving my car because I almost wrecked it due to cognitive impairment and a huge reduction in my ability to assess danger and risk and my ability to respond to it. ThisContinue reading “Clinicians who deny that Chemotherapy affects the brain are dangerous fools”