Mr Shouty Head and Pickle Toes

I have a very shouty head and also (now) a very shouty mouth (more on that in a bit). I’ve learnt, because I’ve taken up meditation and now have a relatively quieter mental point of reference, that my inner voice which so delights to trash me and make me as miserable as inhumanly possible, isContinue reading “Mr Shouty Head and Pickle Toes”

Mind, meditation and pig ignorance

I had a fairly typical but odd meditation this morning, because of my awareness of being the observer and how the play of mind causes me, the observer, to drift off into ‘thinking’ about stuff. It’s almost like going unconscious (or like a sleep state, putting the observer to sleep while I drift off intoContinue reading “Mind, meditation and pig ignorance”

Meditation and the game in my head – from a letter to my brother

I’ve noticed this game in my head when I meditate. If a thought intrudes and I get disturbed by it, I am drawn into further thought, even if that’s the very thing I am ‘trying’ to avoid. The harder I try, or the harder I resist, the more I am captured by the thought process.Continue reading “Meditation and the game in my head – from a letter to my brother”