Welcome to the machine

This last Monday, 28th September 2020, was my fourth Chemo session and I woke up in a really gritty mood. I didn’t want to go for it, my whole body was yelling, “No!” And the reason for my mood was that there is no elastic in the medical procedure, no place to question whether myContinue reading “Welcome to the machine”

Chemo and when isolation hit like a tsunami

I’m midway through Chemotherapy and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to write about when the isolation suddenly crashed in on me. I have lived alone for years and am something of a recluse, so I’m no stranger to living with my own company and even being alone for days on end, but thenContinue reading “Chemo and when isolation hit like a tsunami”

Life is a bloody miracle, but we really seem to struggle to get it

I feel like I’m on the other side of the Covid-19 debacle because the thing that’s keeping me alive is human contact. I have Chemo every three weeks, a nurse hooking me up to the deadly killer drugs that are designed to kill the cancer that decided to invade my body without so much asContinue reading “Life is a bloody miracle, but we really seem to struggle to get it”

When Chemo reality and sanity become threatened by the very system that administers it…

I have taken a beating this last week. It’s all here, in my blog, recorded to the best of my ability, but not the reality of the snarling dogs on my tail, their razor sharp teeth already tearing into me, shredding my world, threatening my sanity, ready to kill and devour to justify their privilegedContinue reading “When Chemo reality and sanity become threatened by the very system that administers it…”

Electric Wonder

I have come across yet another aspect of chemo, quite out of the blue, in this strange journey. I am experiencing people and events as whole body experiences. What unlocked this door was passing an attractive woman, to me, on my way to hospital with my brother. I experienced a bolt of pleasure, like lightning,Continue reading “Electric Wonder”

An old hippy on the Chemo road

I am an old hippy, the key to drugs is, don’t fight them. You are responsible for every drug that you put in your mouth. Either take the ride or don’t do it. Many people get lost these days, but if they can find their rock bottom, as I did on alcohol, they can fightContinue reading “An old hippy on the Chemo road”

Inside the Chemo Fog

Note: Chemotherapy uses powerful and deadly poisons to kill the cancer. The poisons are indiscriminate they’ll kill any living tissue, so the hospital staff meticulousness prepare your body for the onslaught to protect it. I refer to being safe in the fog, which is true, but if you do things in the real world fromContinue reading “Inside the Chemo Fog”