What on Earth…?

Jacaranda trees.
Image: Road lined with Jacaranda trees.

I came here to live, not merely exist, for if I only exist, I shall spend my days yearning to live, nor will I ever stop until I am no more. The politics of life on Earth scorns me, but I am more than that, always.

How do I know this? I have lived with the searing darkness and pain of depression for most of my life, because I was raised in poverty and shame and given no more than an existence, little realising that the depression was a cry for life, innate, written in my DNA, undeniable.

In my teens I thought there must be some secret I’d be told on my 21st birthday that would make sense of pitiless existence. There was no secret and to this day I do not understand those who squander life for existence, never to flourish, surrendering all their younger hopes and dreams, to become unthinking sensible drones of humanity. Boris Johnson being a disastrous example, a traditionalist of the worst kind. I understand the system, politics and the state, which all my life has sought to keep me down and never more so than the government we’ve been afflicted with since 2010. Why did I write a letter a day to number 10? Because they were and are the enemies of life and in this struggling family of nations, they are the enemy within. They want us to be dismal, to surrender, to be poor and feel unworthy of anything better. They pursue their filthy greed driven agenda relentlessly, because that is how it has always been and they will not allow or suffer it to change.

Yet here’s a truth, every single one of us is change, it’s built into us, we can dare, we can try, we can fail, and we can try again, and again and we can welcome it as part of our being, and live. We do not need to accept mere existence (even though that is a miracle in itself), we live as soon as we make the smallest effort to grow and reach out to nature and life, living is our birthright.

Living is my birthright.

Children should be taught to celebrate their life every day, not surrender it to obedience, conformity and the system. Most adults have less of a clue about life and living than children. A child’s exuberance for life is expressed in doing. Play is what children do for work, and it is more meaningful than most of what fills the days of adults. Children are constantly testing themselves against the world, absorbing the results and trying something else and growing, growing, growing and, you may have noticed, children are nothing if not demanding.

Until they are taught it, children have no inner voice telling them they are useless, a failure, ugly, clumsy, stupid.

Children are a force of nature, we all are, until we are educated into ignorance and learn otherwise. Until we lose ourselves.

I heard a story of a child who was told at school to stop drawing purple trees, because trees are green.

KOG. 10 July 2022.

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