Changing my mind – literally

Image: Attitude Indicator.

As some of you will know, I have made a life changing choice and decided to change my mind. It’s not impossible but it is difficult and, because I am human, it requires a wee bit more than Control/Alt/Delete or changing a few apps, not least in how I perceive the world and how it is portrayed. I have said many times that we live in a bass ackwards world and nowhere is this more true than in how the media has entirely distorted our perception of reality.

There are at least three kinds of reality, empirical reality, perceived reality, and media/political reality. Empirical reality is what actually happens regardless of who, what or where we are, without our consideration or interpretation, perceived reality is what we believe after we’ve considered and interpreted empirical reality, media and political reality is, in these dark post enlightenment days, just full of shit.

Now, here’s the thing, yesterday I realised that my perceived reality has become distorted in a completely bass ackwards way, and it’s down to the corporate domination of television and the Internet, the mainstream media, the market and daily political discourse, all of which tell their own stories regardless of empirical reality and the problem with all of them is – money – bad stuff sells and propaganda is preferable to truth. If, however, you stop long enough to draw a deep breath and step back from the onslaught, you can quickly see that goodness, kindness and good will not only overshadow the bad stuff, leaving aside the insanity of war for a moment, but all the bad stuff is less than a lentil under a pile of mattresses and yet it completely dominates our perception of reality because it’s constantly pounded out by every mainstream outlet, including the one eyed monster in the vast majority of homes, television.

There is a headline news item today (5/9/2022) on the BBC, “Canadian police have launched a huge manhunt for two men suspected of stabbing at least 10 people to death in a rampage that has shocked the nation. [1]” Note that ‘shocked the nation’. Of course it has, and what that tells me is that it’s an assault on common human decency and goodness. By way of contrast, “New figures released today reveal more than 5,100 emergency food parcels were provided for people every day from April until September this year on average (That’s over 3/4 of a million food parcels), by food banks in the Trussell Trust network. [2]” That’s not to mention, those giving succour to and feeding homeless people, or any of the purposes and causes that millions of volunteers address every single day. The problem is, good news isn’t news, so our perception of the wrongs in the world dominate our view of reality but are grossly and ludicrously, distorted.

Whilst I was undergoing Chemotherapy, I was severely cognitively impaired and on one visit to the hospital all the hospital signs were gobbledygook to me, they might just as well have been porridge. In order to find my way to the department I needed to get to I had to ask 6 or 7 people to help direct me because I could only take in basic and brief instructions, everyone I asked was helpful, kind and pleasant. That’s not news, that’s just how most people are in everyday life in my experience. I was unable to drive whilst I was going through Chemo and there was any number of people I could ask for a lift who were happy to help, even if it meant a few hours of their time. I have never felt more vulnerable then when I was undergoing Chemo and yet I have never felt more supported. But, hey, that ain’t news. Yes, I had to demand that my Oncology specialist was changed for mocking me because he didn’t believe in Chemo Fog, but, as you would rightly expect, he was the exception, not the rule.

I mentioned wars, which are the peculiar monopoly of the ruling elites and the immense suffering they cause. Ordinary people do not make war, except in uprisings in extremity, but we are expected to fight them. War is the worst and most obscene human travesty and failure, in which ordinary people pay the highest price.

So part of changing my mind is the realisation of how safe I am in my daily life because most people are just plain ordinary decent human beings. The exceptions are not the rule, regardless of the bullshit media. I have said that I am socially phobic, but that is not nearly the truth, I am bullshit phobic, that’s the real problem. I should have guessed way back as a teenager, I had a very active and surprisingly accurate bullshit detector, but I was young and had a long way to go in understanding the world, politics, the media, the vested interests, corporate greed and the corrupting power of money.

We, the people, are better than that, and that has always been true and it remains true going forward.



KOG (Keith Ordinary Guy). 05 September 2022.

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