Black – and White – Monday

I’ve had a pretty good, and very productive, week, the events dominating television, and likely radio too, have entirely passed me by with almost no impact. Of course, I know that QEII has died, and various bits and pieces have crept through, but amongst the many differences between televisions and PC’s, is that every screen,Continue reading “Black – and White – Monday”

Changing my mind – literally

As some of you will know, I have made a life changing choice and decided to change my mind. It’s not impossible but it is difficult and, because I am human, it requires a wee bit more than Control/Alt/Delete or changing a few apps, not least in how I perceive the world and how itContinue reading “Changing my mind – literally”

Enemy of the state

Since 2010 and the bankers global financial crash in 2008 I have grown ever more comfortable with being an enemy of the state. It might seem scary and a big deal, but it’s really inevitable, sensible and just in a world and a nation that puts profits before people and worse, sacrifices the lives ofContinue reading “Enemy of the state”