The Goose and the Common – evolution

Image: Poem – Stealing the common from the Goose.

The Goose and the Common – evolution

I have said many times that there is nothing that money can’t fuck up, even though it serves a useful function in the global need for a means of exchange for goods. The same is also entirely true of politics and governments, which can be administratively benign, serving the people, or catastrophically bad (as right now in the UK and elsewhere).

I have opened up my Goose and Commons project, directed at the worst government in post war history, to support for postal costs. I did this reluctantly, but I have to be realistic and recognise that I do not have sufficient income to cover the expense, given that I shall continue to gift my (You are Here, and other) dioramas, covering all the expenses myself.

The only thing the two projects have in common is that I am giving my artwork for free. Something that is incredibly meaningful to me and potent with purpose, intent, love and pleasure (Yes, even the ones for MPs).

My initial idea was that those who are sponsoring postal costs would be acknowledged and named with a diorama sent to their MP. This has already tripped over two issues under this oppressive government, even though the costs of postage are quite small, people on Benefits are vulnerable from surveillance and reprisals for using their income as they see fit as also are people in sensitive jobs, like nursing, teaching, police, government departments and so on.

Sticking ones head above the parapet is a personal matter and I have no right to expose others to risk or anxiety. That is not in any way what the project is about.

Let’s be clear about this. I am sending rare and unique pieces of art to people for free, the fact that they are free (of monetisation) is as important as the art work itself and its uniqueness and rarity. Everything about what I am doing is purposeful, considered and an exploration of things other than bartered goods.

It is a case of, what if I choose to do this for pleasure, kindness, loving, sharing and joy? It’s perfectly possible, but it requires a choice, which I have made gladly.

So, it comes down to this, if you want to support my postage costs, my default position will be that I must and will respect everyone’s right to privacy and anonymity. If you would like to be acknowledged with the diorama, you must give your explicit permission. If you choose to do that, I think that adds something powerful to the purpose of the dioramas, which are a protest against government robbing the people to enrich the few, which is exactly what the Goose and the Common was all about. It is a centuries old problem that needs highlighting in as many ways possible. This is my way, right now.

Much love, Keith. 07 January 2022.

Image: Diorama for my MP.

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