Enemy of the state

Since 2010 and the bankers global financial crash in 2008 I have grown ever more comfortable with being an enemy of the state. It might seem scary and a big deal, but it’s really inevitable, sensible and just in a world and a nation that puts profits before people and worse, sacrifices the lives ofContinue reading “Enemy of the state”

We live in worlds apart

It is perhaps quite hard to think it through and see it, or even believe it, but, none the less, we do. Our lives are as unique as our finger prints, we’ve all (almost, which kind of makes a point) got them, but they are each unique. I have a friend, Charlotte Hughes, who livesContinue reading “We live in worlds apart”

The preservation of life is our real job in whatever way we can

Under any oppressive regime a natural resistance emerges, be it France under German occupation, a nation under a dictator, military junta or fascist regime, whatever, humanity will, and does, always assert itself. The human spirit does not sit well under any kind of oppression. I doubt there were too many slaves having a good timeContinue reading “The preservation of life is our real job in whatever way we can”