Being creative and learning to live a creative fertile life

From as far back as I can remember, all I ever wanted to be was an artist, yet introduced as one a few years ago, someone challenged, with good old English disdain, “Who says you’re an artist?”, to which I responded, “I do.” And that’s the end of the conversation. But what does it meanContinue reading “Being creative and learning to live a creative fertile life”

This too shall pass – weathering the storm

A friend shared this with me today. It’s a brilliant translation of Lao-Tzu adapted by Timothy Leary. It expounds a great truth and yet it is incomplete as a living truth, not for its content but from a lack of context. All Things Pass – Lao-Tzu All things passA sunrise does not last all morningAllContinue reading “This too shall pass – weathering the storm”