The inner monologue and why we don’t think we’re amazing when we are

If you are not aware of your inner monologue, it’s the voice that’s just said, “What’s he on about?” Let’s be clear about our inner monologue or voice, it’s a critic, it’s a carping, down driving, dismal damned critic, which has the (almost) sole purpose of making us feel bad. If there’s anyone out thereContinue reading “The inner monologue and why we don’t think we’re amazing when we are”

Suffering – because you’re worth it

I want to look back, I am curious about ‘my’ suffering, something that has dominated my life, even down to not regarding it as suffering for fear of sounding precious or special. I kept it in the category of deserved misery/penance. I can see one easy place where suffering was escalated, though it didn’t startContinue reading “Suffering – because you’re worth it”

Going and returning

The following requires a foreword because five days ago it would have been impossible to write. The words would have had no meaning, just a made up story without any life experience to lend it form or substance. If you’ve never smelled the roses, for god sake don’t write about it as if you have,Continue reading “Going and returning”