The misconceptions of evil

The misconceptions of evil It is widely believed that good and evil are universal equal and opposite forces, which is entirely wrong because evil is a problem of intent which has no basis in nature. It matters not either in the natural world or spiritual dimension, evil is entirely dependent on intent. It has noContinue reading “The misconceptions of evil”

The Holy Spirit (Her, Him, Wild Goose, as it suits you)

Those of you who are intimate with the Holy Spirit might scratch your heads when I say I cannot remember my first encounter with His awesome presence, it was too long ago, too much has happened since and my brain is too aged and addled to retain such information and nor does it remotely matter.Continue reading “The Holy Spirit (Her, Him, Wild Goose, as it suits you)”

Changing your life to find life

Yesterday I posted on Facebook the following: ‘Without my local library I would not have changed my life in the way I did by accessing a book called ‘Holiday Jobs in Britain’. I would not have met my wife and my daughter would not have been born and I would not have become a canoeingContinue reading “Changing your life to find life”

Enough is good enough and poverty and rampant consumerism are violence

There is a language of nature that whispers in every moment of life, it is a language of sustenance and abundance. It is made up of immutable laws that resound across the universe forming the bedrock of the physical nature of everything which cannot be ignored or subverted. We are beholden to those laws inContinue reading “Enough is good enough and poverty and rampant consumerism are violence”