Sitting with God

I wrote the title of this thing almost a week ago, since when my mind has been in chaos and yesterday I reached apogee, the peak of dismay and awfulness. I even had a desire to post on Facebook, “Everything is bullshit!” Fortunately I know better than to post something that I need to sitContinue reading “Sitting with God”

What on Earth…

Shifting out of my body as I died in July 2020 and dispassionately observing the process and then coming back was a game changer. Nothing in my life can ever be the same again, not least in discovering that the depression I had lived with all my life has gone, healed over like an oldContinue reading “What on Earth…”

You can’t beat nature

There’s an old joke about a scientist going to God and saying, “We’ve cracked it, we know how to make life, we don’t need you any more.” “That sounds pretty clever,” replied God, “show me.” The scientist bent down and gathered together a little pile of dirt. “Hold on a second,” said God, “use yourContinue reading “You can’t beat nature”

The waking dream of a better world

Being human is pretty damned complex. We have certain things, like our sex drive, which we come into when our bodies have matured enough, and which becomes a biological imperative. It’s established by nature, not us and we have no say in its existence. We also have an autonomic system, the system that keeps ourContinue reading “The waking dream of a better world”

Good and evil

Before I take this anywhere, it is a fairly commonly held belief that good and evil are a balance of forces in the universe. That, as Richard Feynman would have it, is our guess which must be measured against nature to find out if it has any substance to it, or whether nature pops itContinue reading “Good and evil”

Before we change the world we must change

Why is it important we ground ourselves in nature before we attempt to save the world? Nature is the ultimate arbiter of science, if a scientific theory is not borne out by nature, it’s abandoned, useless. If I head out with some half baked idea that I want to save the world, but never testContinue reading “Before we change the world we must change”