Lest we forget

In these darkening days, in which governments seek ever greater control of our lives and our sacred human rights are under threat, it is worth each of us remembering and absorbing: I am a free-born child of the universe. The gift of life is just that, a free gift bestowed upon each of us byContinue reading “Lest we forget”

I am giving my work away, however…

My work is not free, it comes at a cost, of understanding, of kindness, of exploring a different way of being and doing, experimenting, daring to do things a little differently, challenging the world of money and everything being measured in cold hard cash. There is so much more to life than that. Life itselfContinue reading “I am giving my work away, however…”

The darkest hour is just before dawn

The period of time since July last year and my near death experience with an incredibly aggressive cancer, whilst it’s been physically and mentally demanding and really tough at times, has been a miraculous and astonishing experience that has blessed me and has had the most profoundly positive and energising effect on me and myContinue reading “The darkest hour is just before dawn”

How on Earth did my life become a spiritual journey?

The answer is incredibly simple, my life became a spiritual journey because suffering and cruelty drove me to question what life was about at a very young age. There were three significant factors which launched my journey, the first being poverty and witnessing the suffering, terror and daily struggles of my mother to raise us,Continue reading “How on Earth did my life become a spiritual journey?”

Happy Christmas all you makers and creators – This means you.

We, human kind, are very good at boxing things to the exclusion of others and thus are sectarian divisions and petty hatreds born. No matter who you are or where you are, life is about creating and making, call it art or call it a meal, call it unblocking a pipe or fixing a plug.Continue reading “Happy Christmas all you makers and creators – This means you.”

The preservation of life is our real job in whatever way we can

Under any oppressive regime a natural resistance emerges, be it France under German occupation, a nation under a dictator, military junta or fascist regime, whatever, humanity will, and does, always assert itself. The human spirit does not sit well under any kind of oppression. I doubt there were too many slaves having a good timeContinue reading “The preservation of life is our real job in whatever way we can”

Reality – which one?

What astounds me more and more is that no one knows what reality is and by that I mean a reality distinct from our individual selves and our individual personal view. This entire process of dealing with cancer has been an extraordinary experience, some of it not pleasant at all, but all of it astonishing.Continue reading “Reality – which one?”

The Road Less Travelled

Some of the more inspiring and treasured gifts of advancing years is that vast hoard of memories, hind sight, trial and error, hard won lessons, the incalculably valuable treasure trove of a lived life. Choosing a new path for my life is pretty damned simple, a life times experience offers very firm directions. Beginning atContinue reading “The Road Less Travelled”