A message from the fringe – Live life like a passionate lover

I always hated work, the way it was constructed, fixed hours, for pay, usually restricted to a ‘place of work’, restricted in resources and opportunity, mind, spirit and understanding of the historic and oppressive construct on which the whole rotten edifice of work is built (a model designed in the Industrial Revolution for exploiting labourContinue reading “A message from the fringe – Live life like a passionate lover”

This too shall pass – weathering the storm

A friend shared this with me today. It’s a brilliant translation of Lao-Tzu adapted by Timothy Leary. It expounds a great truth and yet it is incomplete as a living truth, not for its content but from a lack of context. All Things Pass – Lao-Tzu All things passA sunrise does not last all morningAllContinue reading “This too shall pass – weathering the storm”

Change the world one life at a time…

Our problem is in thinking too big. That’s what they want us to do. That’s the problem, right there. That’s what stops us loving ourselves. Just like school. We become part of the labour force, with no discrete identity of our own. That is why the factory was such an abomination to me. Factories destroyContinue reading “Change the world one life at a time…”

When Chemo reality and sanity become threatened by the very system that administers it…

I have taken a beating this last week. It’s all here, in my blog, recorded to the best of my ability, but not the reality of the snarling dogs on my tail, their razor sharp teeth already tearing into me, shredding my world, threatening my sanity, ready to kill and devour to justify their privilegedContinue reading “When Chemo reality and sanity become threatened by the very system that administers it…”

The Road Less Travelled

Some of the more inspiring and treasured gifts of advancing years is that vast hoard of memories, hind sight, trial and error, hard won lessons, the incalculably valuable treasure trove of a lived life. Choosing a new path for my life is pretty damned simple, a life times experience offers very firm directions. Beginning atContinue reading “The Road Less Travelled”