Human resources and exploitation, we can do a whole lot better

When Jeff Bezos said, “The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel. That is basically it,” he was talking about turning human and physical resources into money and then converting that into different resources to shoot them into space [1]. WhatContinue reading “Human resources and exploitation, we can do a whole lot better”

Across the tracks and proud of it

I have lived pretty much my entire life across the tracks from this world, it’s a place that’s always at odds with whatever goes for the status quo. It’s difficult to recall at what point I realised that this was an entirely good thing and ceased to be a place of torment, but there haveContinue reading “Across the tracks and proud of it”

The waking dream of a better world

Being human is pretty damned complex. We have certain things, like our sex drive, which we come into when our bodies have matured enough, and which becomes a biological imperative. It’s established by nature, not us and we have no say in its existence. We also have an autonomic system, the system that keeps ourContinue reading “The waking dream of a better world”

Abject chemo misery and despair and returning to life

Am I not nature – a force to be reckoned with? Who ever believed nature was a toothless hag? Do I not bleed and does my blood not run warm with the heat of life? Who dares insult my life, these hands that are a miracle of design, so valued (only for profit) by thoseContinue reading “Abject chemo misery and despair and returning to life”