War is the ultimate failure of civilisation

The question is, why do the powers that be, the media and every red-neck ‘patriot’ in the world glorify war as some kind of major achievement and why are those who oppose war seen as unpatriotic, cowardly, losers? In 2018 the world spent $1.8 trillion on military expenditure [1], the top five countries in 2020Continue reading “War is the ultimate failure of civilisation”

Education is the enquiry into life, for life.

Education is the enquiry into life, for life. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, it is always an enquiry into life. Maths is known as the purest science, the language of the universe [1]. A simple sum like 1+1=2 is also a great truth, a truth that remains true no matter where weContinue reading “Education is the enquiry into life, for life.”