When the going gets tough, get colourful

I am finding life tough right now. Cognitive impairment is high and very difficult to deal with. I am forgetting how to do or manage my life on an hour by hour basis. I recently ran out of gas, but was unable to connect the loss of heating, the immediate problem, with the solution, checkContinue reading “When the going gets tough, get colourful”

Clinicians who deny that Chemotherapy affects the brain are dangerous fools

Undergoing Chemotherapy, I have experienced and expressed, both verbally and in writing, a loss of cognitive function in my brain and even stopped driving my car because I almost wrecked it due to cognitive impairment and a huge reduction in my ability to assess danger and risk and my ability to respond to it. ThisContinue reading “Clinicians who deny that Chemotherapy affects the brain are dangerous fools”