Chemotherapy – my first session.

When the Chemotherapy team head, Dr Philip Robson, came to provide information for the road ahead, he asked, “Hard or soft”? It was a good question, we said hard. If we’re not informed how can we plan? Give us the unadulterated truth. Of course I remember not a word he said, which is why aContinue reading “Chemotherapy – my first session.”

Learning to live with the effects (side effects) of chemotherapy

This is a slightly risky, perhaps presumptuous, post to write, given the paucity of experience in my chemo journey where I am a mere toddler taking my first tentative steps. However, it is written in the knowledge that whilst it could be wildly in error, something only more experience can rectify, it is real. TheContinue reading “Learning to live with the effects (side effects) of chemotherapy”

Inside the Chemo Fog

Note: Chemotherapy uses powerful and deadly poisons to kill the cancer. The poisons are indiscriminate they’ll kill any living tissue, so the hospital staff meticulousness prepare your body for the onslaught to protect it. I refer to being safe in the fog, which is true, but if you do things in the real world fromContinue reading “Inside the Chemo Fog”