The problem of self respect and learning it

As a small child I loved writing stories. I remember a class in infant school, being asked to write about a day in the life of a postage stamp and feeling like I was in story heaven. I even had stories in the school magazine. By the age of 7 I had stopped writing, allContinue reading “The problem of self respect and learning it”

Patch Adams interview and best talk on depression and self harm ever

“I want a world were no one alive can remember what the word ‘war’ means. A world free of violence and injustice. Where everyone is equal. All healthy women say the same thing. All the problems of the world are due to men.” Patch Adams. Patch Adams – Single clip interview Patch Adams Discusses: DepressionContinue reading “Patch Adams interview and best talk on depression and self harm ever”

War is the ultimate failure of civilisation

The question is, why do the powers that be, the media and every red-neck ‘patriot’ in the world glorify war as some kind of major achievement and why are those who oppose war seen as unpatriotic, cowardly, losers? In 2018 the world spent $1.8 trillion on military expenditure [1], the top five countries in 2020Continue reading “War is the ultimate failure of civilisation”

When life is betrayed ordinary people need to be its champions

Just as every plant, every molecule, every tree and animal has life written in its DNA, so do we humans. We’re made for life, yet we have to deal with war, greed and madness that seeks to end life. Who among us makes wars or develops deadly viruses and pathogens which are a threat toContinue reading “When life is betrayed ordinary people need to be its champions”

The existential threat to life on earth

If you watch this video narrated by Stephen Fry, you’ll hear the measured tones of Fry talking about the threats to life, all life, but never once mentioning where the threats are coming from. The nuclear threat, the deadly pathogens, the danger of AI, all come from above, from the powers that be. We’re notContinue reading “The existential threat to life on earth”

Revelling in living

I had to stop the indignationit was stealing my lifebreath by breathstealing precious momentsof living nothing good comesfrom the corridors of powerjust powerlessnessas they feed on usand our true wealth Life life is too beautifulto tolerate the theft any longerI want to enjoy the airflowing into megiving me life I want to sing my songplayContinue reading “Revelling in living”

Being bonkers in a mad world.

It is a terrible, ravaging, experience watching the light of the world dim and flicker. Watching and experiencing oppression growing from corporate owned politicians who betray ordinary people on a daily basis and treat us as if our level of intelligence matches theirs, measured in shoe size. Being an anarchist is an enormous position ofContinue reading “Being bonkers in a mad world.”

Chemo and when isolation hit like a tsunami

I’m midway through Chemotherapy and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to write about when the isolation suddenly crashed in on me. I have lived alone for years and am something of a recluse, so I’m no stranger to living with my own company and even being alone for days on end, but thenContinue reading “Chemo and when isolation hit like a tsunami”

Education is the enquiry into life, for life.

Education is the enquiry into life, for life. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, it is always an enquiry into life. Maths is known as the purest science, the language of the universe [1]. A simple sum like 1+1=2 is also a great truth, a truth that remains true no matter where weContinue reading “Education is the enquiry into life, for life.”

Across the tracks and proud of it

I have lived pretty much my entire life across the tracks from this world, it’s a place that’s always at odds with whatever goes for the status quo. It’s difficult to recall at what point I realised that this was an entirely good thing and ceased to be a place of torment, but there haveContinue reading “Across the tracks and proud of it”