Lest we forget

In these darkening days, in which governments seek ever greater control of our lives and our sacred human rights are under threat, it is worth each of us remembering and absorbing: I am a free-born child of the universe. The gift of life is just that, a free gift bestowed upon each of us byContinue reading “Lest we forget”

What if?

What if I told you I had been somewhere beyond this life and this physical universe where I could perceive any part of it and perceive that our entire universe existed as but one dimension amongst an infinite number of others? What if our five senses which are so vital to our physical existence onContinue reading “What if?”

The Goose and the Common – evolution

The Goose and the Common – evolution I have said many times that there is nothing that money can’t fuck up, even though it serves a useful function in the global need for a means of exchange for goods. The same is also entirely true of politics and governments, which can be administratively benign, servingContinue reading “The Goose and the Common – evolution”

You cannot earn or make yourself worthy of love

In July 2020, as a few of you will know, I briefly died and on returning to this dear but beleaguered and much abused planet, I discovered that the severe depression which had been my ‘companion’ for the vast majority of my life had healed. I could ‘see’ where it had been, but all thatContinue reading “You cannot earn or make yourself worthy of love”

In a Time of Crisis, a City Fights Isolation

“Dr. Julian Abel, a retired palliative care consultant, said the results in Frome of fostering human relationships and a more compassionate community as a part of medical care amounted to “a medical miracle.” It was Dr. Abel who got access to local medical data in 2018 and published a report, peer-reviewed and published by the BritishContinue reading “In a Time of Crisis, a City Fights Isolation”

This is a recent project which I fiercely protect from the curse of money and marketing.

Imagine if someone asked you if you sell your art and if so how much you charge. Now imagine the response, ‘no I do not sell my art work, I give it away (I gift it) simply for pleasure’. So far 93 people have given my little dioramas loving homes and what I am doingContinue reading “This is a recent project which I fiercely protect from the curse of money and marketing.”

Economic slavery

Ordinary people always pay – income tax, rates, fines, duties and VAT, council tax, road tax, death duty/inheritance tax, national insurance, stamp duties, government sanctions, inflation, parking fees and fines, clean air tax, congestion charges, import duties, late payment fines, interest rates, water rates, minimum wage (less than we need to actually live on, forContinue reading “Economic slavery”

Being human and being

There are two fundamental aspects to being human, our physical being and our psychological being. Our physical being is driven by necessity, the necessities of life, at every level. Our inner being is driven by our sense (great or small) of quality of life. I am going to pick on and make an example ofContinue reading “Being human and being”

An appeal for help – Mike’s story, told by his dad.

I’m going to try and keep this as relevant to the appeal as possible but there is a story to be told here so no matter how much I try to do that, it’s going to be long but the hope is, by the time you’ve read it, you too will understand why it’s soContinue reading “An appeal for help – Mike’s story, told by his dad.”

Quietly losing my mind

Whilst I point the finger at Chemotherapy for rendering me out of my mind for some time, that is not at all the same as the erosion and steady loss of cognitive ability that I am now experiencing, though it does have the same genesis. On my final interview with the doctor in charge ofContinue reading “Quietly losing my mind”