Some thoughts now I’ve returned from the dead

I’ve not written about what happened when I was admitted to hospital in July of this year (2020), of the experience of dying and being brought back to life. The month leading up to my admission was a month of extreme pain. My GP was not helpful, possibly because I was not communicating well, butContinue reading “Some thoughts now I’ve returned from the dead”

Cancer and the battle against patriarchal arrogance and injustice

Yesterday I had the most incredible meeting with the head of Oncology who categorically denied that Chemo-fog or Chemo-brain exists and that I was projecting my subconscious anxieties onto Chemotherapy. He further told me that he had chosen to withhold the information about further Chemotherapy because he felt I would back out of Chemotherapy completelyContinue reading “Cancer and the battle against patriarchal arrogance and injustice”

Being creative and learning to live a creative fertile life

From as far back as I can remember, all I ever wanted to be was an artist, yet introduced as one a few years ago, someone challenged, with good old English disdain, “Who says you’re an artist?”, to which I responded, “I do.” And that’s the end of the conversation. But what does it meanContinue reading “Being creative and learning to live a creative fertile life”

Enough is good enough and poverty and rampant consumerism are violence

There is a language of nature that whispers in every moment of life, it is a language of sustenance and abundance. It is made up of immutable laws that resound across the universe forming the bedrock of the physical nature of everything which cannot be ignored or subverted. We are beholden to those laws inContinue reading “Enough is good enough and poverty and rampant consumerism are violence”

In praise of loafing

I am first and foremost a thinker, t’was ever thus, and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been told, “You think too much,” even at University. Yet I adore thinking and I love storing things on my back burner, leaving my mind to sort it out without any conscious input or effort on myContinue reading “In praise of loafing”

Human resources and exploitation, we can do a whole lot better

When Jeff Bezos said, “The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel. That is basically it,” he was talking about turning human and physical resources into money and then converting that into different resources to shoot them into space [1]. WhatContinue reading “Human resources and exploitation, we can do a whole lot better”

Radical questions and answers are needed

The entire world is run on a system that we have to pay for everything. It’s a rotten system that has existed for centuries but possibly the worst system that’s emerged from the Industrial Revolution is the theft of our industrialised labour for profit in which most companies pay us the minimum they can getContinue reading “Radical questions and answers are needed”

Welcome to the machine

This last Monday, 28th September 2020, was my fourth Chemo session and I woke up in a really gritty mood. I didn’t want to go for it, my whole body was yelling, “No!” And the reason for my mood was that there is no elastic in the medical procedure, no place to question whether myContinue reading “Welcome to the machine”

The UK needs proactive joyfully revolting people

It’s shockingly bad when fools are in charge making a mess of our lives, especially fools who are so privileged they are beyond incompetent, whose every utterance is pretty much dribbling nonsense. We may have to suffer them and the fools who vote for them but we also have to survive them and that’s theContinue reading “The UK needs proactive joyfully revolting people”

The problem of self respect and learning it

As a small child I loved writing stories. I remember a class in infant school, being asked to write about a day in the life of a postage stamp and feeling like I was in story heaven. I even had stories in the school magazine. By the age of 7 I had stopped writing, allContinue reading “The problem of self respect and learning it”