Black – and White – Monday

I’ve had a pretty good, and very productive, week, the events dominating television, and likely radio too, have entirely passed me by with almost no impact. Of course, I know that QEII has died, and various bits and pieces have crept through, but amongst the many differences between televisions and PC’s, is that every screen,Continue reading “Black – and White – Monday”

Mr Shouty Head and Pickle Toes

I have a very shouty head and also (now) a very shouty mouth (more on that in a bit). I’ve learnt, because I’ve taken up meditation and now have a relatively quieter mental point of reference, that my inner voice which so delights to trash me and make me as miserable as inhumanly possible, isContinue reading “Mr Shouty Head and Pickle Toes”

Changing my mind – literally

As some of you will know, I have made a life changing choice and decided to change my mind. It’s not impossible but it is difficult and, because I am human, it requires a wee bit more than Control/Alt/Delete or changing a few apps, not least in how I perceive the world and how itContinue reading “Changing my mind – literally”

The problem of living in the present

I started meditating some months ago because I wanted to change my mind. I want to change my fear based, paranoid, waiting for the hammer to fall, existence, into something else, a life that is not dominated by a mind full of junk. Yesterday I realised something important, I live in fear of the present,Continue reading “The problem of living in the present”

Mind, meditation and pig ignorance

I had a fairly typical but odd meditation this morning, because of my awareness of being the observer and how the play of mind causes me, the observer, to drift off into ‘thinking’ about stuff. It’s almost like going unconscious (or like a sleep state, putting the observer to sleep while I drift off intoContinue reading “Mind, meditation and pig ignorance”

Meditation and the game in my head – from a letter to my brother

I’ve noticed this game in my head when I meditate. If a thought intrudes and I get disturbed by it, I am drawn into further thought, even if that’s the very thing I am ‘trying’ to avoid. The harder I try, or the harder I resist, the more I am captured by the thought process.Continue reading “Meditation and the game in my head – from a letter to my brother”

What on Earth…?

I came here to live, not merely exist, for if I only exist, I shall spend my days yearning to live, nor will I ever stop until I am no more. The politics of life on Earth scorns me, but I am more than that, always. How do I know this? I have lived withContinue reading “What on Earth…?”


Our minds are an internal playground where we make stuff up. Nothing in there has any basis in objective reality, it is entirely a subjective space. Our minds do exist in an objective reality, our brain, which can be removed and examined, but what we’ll never find is a single thought of the millions, evenContinue reading “Emergence”

Challenged by love

I am going to request, dear reader, that you bear with me on this one. It’s not what it might seem, it is not intended as a religious diatribe or exposition. It’s something that has come to me since dying and returning to this life and really, it’s a question, or perhaps more correctly, aContinue reading “Challenged by love”