Inside the Chemo Fog

Note: Chemotherapy uses powerful and deadly poisons to kill the cancer. The poisons are indiscriminate they’ll kill any living tissue, so the hospital staff meticulousness prepare your body for the onslaught to protect it. I refer to being safe in the fog, which is true, but if you do things in the real world fromContinue reading “Inside the Chemo Fog”

A problem for every solution

That’s our world, the world of our betters and masters, bastard Boris and his sneering, contemptuous, band of thieves. In the lead up to my recent return from deaths door, I knew I was done with politics. The daily filthy reminders of robbery, contempt and murder by the criminals in power. They are just criminalsContinue reading “A problem for every solution”

The Road Less Travelled

Some of the more inspiring and treasured gifts of advancing years is that vast hoard of memories, hind sight, trial and error, hard won lessons, the incalculably valuable treasure trove of a lived life. Choosing a new path for my life is pretty damned simple, a life times experience offers very firm directions. Beginning atContinue reading “The Road Less Travelled”

A journey begins

Here’s a thought for you. Scientists have worked out that the chances of any one of us being born on earth are 1 in 400 trillion. By way of comparison, the chances of you winning the UK Lottery are, 1 in 45 million. Allow me to do that long hand… 1 in 400,000 000,000,000 andContinue reading “A journey begins”

No. Probably the greatest word in the world, in any language

No! Probably the greatest word in the world, in any language. Many years ago, following a suicide attempt which ended my marriage and estranged me from my wife and daughter, I vowed never to do such a thing again. Like so many people who despair of life, my thinking was distorted, if not downright wrong.Continue reading “No. Probably the greatest word in the world, in any language”

Suffering – because you’re worth it

I want to look back, I am curious about ‘my’ suffering, something that has dominated my life, even down to not regarding it as suffering for fear of sounding precious or special. I kept it in the category of deserved misery/penance. I can see one easy place where suffering was escalated, though it didn’t startContinue reading “Suffering – because you’re worth it”

The strange paradox of loneliness

I’ve just had my mind blown and I’d like to share it with you (stranger). It’s properly out of whack. I’ve not felt lonely for uncountable years. I remember it and how I made peace with it and it was a vast relief because it really is bloody awful to us hoomans. Loneliness is aContinue reading “The strange paradox of loneliness”

Going and returning

The following requires a foreword because five days ago it would have been impossible to write. The words would have had no meaning, just a made up story without any life experience to lend it form or substance. If you’ve never smelled the roses, for god sake don’t write about it as if you have,Continue reading “Going and returning”