On resisting “bubble thinking”

The video clip is worth a watch.

Kay Green

From Gary Lineker through Brexit to women’s rights via Timothy Snyder

***Long read***

Let’s go back in time and give some attention to how we got here, and how we might go about getting to a better place.

This is a discussion about a YouTube clip from Channel Four, of Krishnan Guru-Murthy talking to Timothy Snyder about democracy and the rule of law. I find it interesting because I have plenty of disagreements with the usual stance of mainstream news programmes, and indeed with Snyder’s line, on a lot of the topics they touch on – but there are some excellent talking points here, points worth more than the passing attention they get on a news programme.

The clip is three years old, and the big current issues they would have had at the front of their minds were Brexit in the UK, and the goings on around Trump’s last…

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