A Gentle Anarchy

Diorama: The Goose and the Common.

Now that I have been barred from the Labour party… Aha ahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… oh dear, o dear… I am left with no other place I want to go other than Anarchy. I’ve been here for years, but just needed a Starmer betrayal and kick up the arse to sort my head out.

Politics has failed the people, capitalism has failed the whole world, corporatism is in the process of stealing the last assets of the Earth, including human lives, for profit. It’s all over bar the screaming. And now it’s time to build up, as in bottom up, do everything the way nature does it, from little seeds to mighty oaks, flowers and food, from the bottom up into the scintillating light of life.

We, the people, have always been the wealth of the world, the real deal from which all profits flow… upwards.

As the last shattered pieces of our social safety net and once, world leading, envy of the world, Health Service, are stolen from under our noses, the only hope for us is us, the people. We have had centuries to see the light, entire epochs to appreciate the epic theft of our everyday lives, from us to them, our labour and our daily sacrifices for those who have had the effrontery to presume to lead us, so they can rob us.

Feudalism, the industrial revolution, capitalism, neoliberalism and now nihilism, because they despise us so much… We who give so much to the appalling ingratitude of those who are elected to serve us, at least, ‘serving us’ is the fiction we are spoon fed and led to believe about ‘our elected representatives’, by our ‘our elected representatives’.

They sanction us if we get ill, to force us back into servitude so that we earn our poverty, whilst they despise our very being.

Everything is a rich man’s game and now that the rapine of empires has fallen into disrepute, they want more of us, including the pensions we’ve worked for all our adult lives.

We see people and human concerns , they see profit, for them.

Fuck the system. No, really, in every which way we can, be an awkward bastard nuisance.

Why anarchy?

Because it is the most empowering, self and other affirming, enjoyable way to live. Decision making is in our own hands. It is neither without rules or lawless, nor chaotic or destructive (other than to the status quo), it ensures power in those affected by it, without a hierarchical dystopia. Responsibility in the hands of those responsible. Why do we need someone to tell us what to do? We are made of the same stuff as them and are perfectly capable of telling ourselves what to do, seeing how it goes and changing what we do to meet the circumstances we are working and living in. Working cooperatively means working for the common good.

An example of a current working anarchy is the creative arts, pursuing our own creative aims and achieving them. Modern efficiency is all about profit, but do we really need that? If there is a felt need for efficiency, then do it, if not, that’s just fine. Every artist has creative blocks and slumps, they are part of the process, if you’re pressured to get on with it, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re working with a client, are you incapable of managing your own time and production and discussing it with the client? Isn’t that part of your skill?

Capitalism and the pursuit of profit has scant regard for the well being of our minds and bodies. If we are in charge of our work, we are also in charge of our well being. Anarchy is about horizontal, or even bottom up, decision making as opposed to the current system of hierarchical, top down, decision making – and taking.

In anarchy, it matters whether we are happy or not and what we do about it.

If we choose an anarchic life, there’s no need to make any great immediate changes, we can pace ourselves, start with our minds, explore ideas, allow for being a stranger in a strange land and give ourselves time to develop and grow.

If you suffer from depression, you are a candidate for change to break the oppression, because all depression is oppression. Think about that and give yourself time to absorb it before you attempt to do anything about it.

Are we not worth better than the oppression we currently live under? If the answer is yes, then we need to allow ourselves time to rethink, understand and grow. And realise we are worth it.

It’s ok to be incomplete, to not get it right all in one go, or ever. It’s ok to be a work in progress, in fact divine, and accept the journey which may never be complete before we die. Many people yearn for fame and wealth, but it is fine to be small and modest in our ambitions, for me that is quite good enough.

With love,

Keith aka KOG. 14 February 2023.

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