Did *you* know about Dinky Gordon?

Kay Green

***Long read***

Subtle radicalism escapes me — here though, is a salute to them as can do it, and an analysis of the huge myth-busting task feminists still face…

I can be a clod-hopper in all these big and passionately fought-over issues. How on earth do you go about being polite, subtle, and yet effective on issues like the imminent destruction of our NHS or our environment; in the face of cold, terrified, half-starved people in dinghies washing up on your beaches and getting arrested; in the face of wars, and regimes that routinely maim and kill women and children, whilst here in the UK, ‘nice’ men respond to women worrying about their safety and legal rights by shouting abuse and gleefully spreading ignorant slander.

… some women however, manage it and do much good as a result. Others just get called fascists. Here’s why:

Helen Joyce and her book 'Trans: when ideolodgy meets reality'

In Trans, by Helen…

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