The Ghost of Christmas Rational

Kay Green

They have called us everything under the sun. They have run to the bosses with slanders and tried to push us out of work, out of our unions and out of politics. They have called our campaign “transphobic”, and way too many commentators have called the clash between our women’s rights campaign and their #NoDebate response “culture wars”.

The most recent insult to women’s dignity and integrity was the Cambridge Dictionary people adding a class of males to its definition of women. You know, it’s not just these assaults on our rights, our status and our language that’s exasperating, it’s the complete lack of any rational response when we try to discuss it. The latest example is the brainless reply to our complaints, this “fact-checker” claiming that they didn’t change the definition, they just added something – yes – men. Thus making “woman” meaningless. And as saying “adult human female”…

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