What are governments for?

…we really are everyone – this is our battle. We want our public services to be just that – services to the public: health and transport, cleaning and retail and and education, all those things that make the country run properly…

Kay Green

We had a solidarity gathering at Hastings Station – for – well, do you remember them? “They” are our essential workers. “They” are, essentially, us. But, since more and more trade unions have announced industrial action due to the neglect and underpayment of essential workers, the newspapers and our government have been trying to tell us that “they” (meaning our essential workers) are messing up “our” country.


So, “they” – that is, we, had a gathering at Hastings Station to remind “them”, that is politicians, why there are so many strikes this winter. It’s because of the cost of living crisis – because of the huge rise in bills and prices which (by chance, would they have us believe) appear to be growing along with corporate profits, whilst our wages stay the same, or our jobs are degraded which means pay going down.


Santa came…

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