History in the making…

The only way the women who’ve been slandered, insulted and pushed out of their jobs or political roles can be compensated is if the people we respect take the trouble to really understand what’s happened. I get that it’s not easy — the “trans rights” movement has been a mess of smoke and mirrors — but here is the antidote. This film is the best way I’ve seen yet of clearing away the smoke and seeing what’s really going on.

Kay Green

Adult Human Female: a documentary in defence of women’s rights

I am humbly asking all my friends, comrades and readers of my blog to please do something for me. I am one of the many people, mostly women, who have been slandered, abused and disadvantaged in the last few years, for calling out those who have been promoting an ideology we believe is a profound danger to women and girls.

When the notion of sex self-ID came on the scene in the form of #NoDebate, many of the women I knew who did think debate was required, began to step out of, or get pushed out of, party political and trade union work. When that happened, we re-grouped around organizations that stayed true to the tenets of feminism.

Over those years, observing the attackers, and those women who spoke up (publicly or privately) and those who just didn’t “get it”…

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