Even their Christmas parties are evil

“A publicly funded NHS” – “At the moment, we need to challenge those words whenever we hear them, by asking about who is delivering those services, and what they cost, and why. We need to keep asking where the money is going, and we need to be asking what became of the NHS reinstatement bill that we called for during the Corbyn years. (Yes, really, we need to reinstate it — the politicians have already wriggled out of the idea that our government is directly responsible for our NHS — that is, they have already escaped legal responsibility for our health.)”

Kay Green

***Long read, but URGENT and IMPORTANT***

This is an article about our NHS, and the point I hope to make is that ALL THE POLITICAL PARTIES must be recognised as the destroyers of our NHS. If we are to save this precious service, we need to think carefully: If you are not poor, or vulnerable, or alone in the face of serious illness, it is easy to be fooled. We need to analyse and learn to recognise the words and actions of the destroyers, otherwise our fightback will be wasted.

What do we say about the people who have allowed our NHS to all but disappear, either those who have made this happen for their own profit, or those who have diligently helped to hide what is possibly the greatest tragedy currently facing our country?

The best way to hide an emergency is to pretend you’re dealing with it. The…

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