Letter to: Chris Philp MP, Paymaster General and Minister for the Cabinet Office

Image: The letter.

Chris Philp MP, Paymaster General and Minister for the Cabinet Office
70 Whitehall,

22 October 2022

Dear Chris Philp MP,

I wish to complain in the strongest terms against the revolting miscarriage of natural justice if Liz Truss MP is awarded the £115,000 Public Duty Costs Allowance, or even a single penny thereof. She has not, in any actual or meaningful sense, fulfilled the role of Prime Minister during her 44 lamentable days in office, other than in name only.

Apart from a miniscule but significant number of people who are either as rich as Croesus or who have managed to benefit from the catastrophic disaster of her brief tenure, Ms Truss has brought harm and distress to every citizen of these poor beleaguered Isles.

If she accepts or is allowed to walk away with these benefits she is by definition the epitome of a benefits scrounger, and as we know from the actions of the DWP who hound the poorest and most vulnerable people to death for the least real or imagined infraction, she is deserving of the harshest of sanctions for her many widely documented failures while in office, if there is any such thing as justice.

Britain, pre the 2010 general election, was considered to be a representative democracy. That is a thing of the past and the nations of the world now look on and wonder at the destruction of Britain’s economic credibility, which is, as France’s Le Monde put it, “spectacular and catastrophic”. We are living in a failed state and there can be no excuse for anything that even hints of an award or reward for such an entirely and unnecessary failing, which would be a wounding insult to every child, woman and man in Britain.

There must be an accounting or we are all hostages to the unreasoning and intolerable abuse of power and wilful corruption.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Lindsay-Cameron.

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