Liz Truss and the haves and have nots

Image: Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng.

Liz Truss is right, we’re not understanding her. I was raised on the dictum of the haves and have nots and the problem for Liz Truss is that I don’t think enough of us have really taken that seriously enough. I was raised and educated to be a have not and my job was to make the haves richer. Now, it’s true that wasn’t an overt statement and career path, but school ensured I was headed in the right direction and slotted me into a suitable factory apprenticeship. I didn’t want to go into the factory, I wasn’t asked if that’s what I wanted, it was a fait accompli and at that stage I was too naive, dumb and ignorant to do anything but obey and clock on.

Throughout my adult life, underpinning my many adventures, having escaped the factory after 18 dismal months, and eventually, by a long and circuitous route, becoming a community and youth worker, all the young people I ever worked with were locked into the same dogma. I was like a ghost, lurking in the dark depths of life, and it remains in me to this day, even though I am now retired (these things are psychologically sticky). It’s like a child’s dark fairy story, and queen Liz Truss’s perceived job in life is to reassert what for her is a self evident truth, the have not’s exist to serve the haves. We must be punished and constrained, sanctioned and bludgeoned into knowing our place, because she thinks we’ve got above ourselves (we have, thank goodness), as does everyone in her cabinet. She and her collaborators have picked up Thatcher’s baton and have set about the subjugation of the herd armed with economic cattle prods, determined to resume Thatcher’s reign of violence against the common herd and she and her cronies are too dumb to realise how obscenely disgusting they truly are. In her head, we completely misunderstand her, or we’d bloody well knuckle down and obey… and applaud her.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron aka Keith Ordinary Guy. 14 October 2022.

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