Black – and White – Monday

Image: Paul Powlesland holding a blank protest sign.

I’ve had a pretty good, and very productive, week, the events dominating television, and likely radio too, have entirely passed me by with almost no impact. Of course, I know that QEII has died, and various bits and pieces have crept through, but amongst the many differences between televisions and PC’s, is that every screen, program, app or window on a PC has, in it’s top right corner, a blessed little cross, one click of the mouse and off they fuck, back to the bowels of darkness from whence they were summoned.

There are an estimated 27.8 million households in the UK and thankfully I am one of the 1.35 million households which are TV free and I have never, in 30 TV free years, been more grateful for that, and smug, even smugger than the fat headed Amazonian Smugly Beast. I am positively revelling in smug, and a fair amount of gloat too, with a free bank holiday thrown in for good measure.

There has also been an added bonus this week, something that could have legs in the rising protests against government oppression. Liz Truss plans to criminalize our human right to protest, the silly benighted fool. Earlier this week, Paul Powlesland, a barrister, was stopped by the police whilst holding up a blank sheet of paper [1]. He was warned that he might offend someone and risked being arrested if he wrote “not my king” on the paper. A more fitting emblem for the assertion of our inalienable human right to protest, and all our rights, is hard to imagine. A blank sheet contains all protests and none, asked what it might contain, thought crime might figure high on the list, but also includes, the establishment, police harassment, the Tories, free speech and freedom of movement and the right to be in a public space, capitalism, corporate greed, our NHS and GP services, Julian Assange and any other damned thing that occurs to us.

As a sign of our times and growing government oppression it’s perfect.

Have a great day.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron aka Keith Ordinary Guy. 19 September 2022.


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