It’s a legal issue

“What happens when you make laws about what people must believe? Can people really control what they believe? There will be burnings.”

Kay Green

“Why are you obsessed with trans people?”

I must have been asked this a hundred times in the last five years or so – usually by the same few people – I don’t think they ever listen to the answer, but here it is anyway: for most of the last five years, I’ve been saying I have no reason to concern myself with trans people. To my knowledge, the first person I had an issue with regarding the Equality Act 2010 was Maria Miller MP, because she chaired a government committee that was looking at making changes to the Equality Act exemption that women’s legal rights are based on, and she didn’t think women had any business getting involved in the debate.

Then I found out about Stonewall insisting that ‘transwomen are women’. Then there were all those blokes with beards who said they were ‘woke’, and took to shouting…

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