This is a recent project which I fiercely protect from the curse of money and marketing.

Image: Diorama – You are here.

Imagine if someone asked you if you sell your art and if so how much you charge. Now imagine the response, ‘no I do not sell my art work, I give it away (I gift it) simply for pleasure’. So far 93 people have given my little dioramas loving homes and what I am doing is a conspiracy of kindness – an infinite resource much underused.

Image: Conspiracy of kindness sticker.

The dioramas are not all the same, in fact I try to customise them as much as possible. The next image was a gift to a friend whose best friend had died of cancer, just for love.

Image: Ginny in loving memory – diorama.

Money is not the measure of worth, in fact the global markets are the most capriciously deceptive places on earth, knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing. There is nothing that money can’t fuck up and money kills the magic of life. We spend our lives grubbing for it, whilst we are controlled by it and the enforced lack of it. There is no joy for me in flogging my art work, I’ve tried very hard in the past, it’s a dismal process and very few people get to charge anything like the value of the time, energy and skill that goes into it. I am retired now and get by on a modest pension, which covers my materials and postage, so why would I screw up my pleasure by charging for them. Get away from flogging stuff and a whole new world of pleasure and wonder opens up. It becomes an interaction between me and people, instead of me and their bank accounts.

Image: 3 pence none the richer – diorama.

Money is just a means of control, we want to control it, yet we are all, rich and poor, one way or another, controlled by it.

It never ceases to amaze me that we are born on this gorgeous planet and we are made from the stuff of stars. Life is a free gift of the universe, living here only to be charged rent, by other human beings, to live is an abomination. There is so much more to life than mere existence and yet few people reach even a small part of their potential in life.

Every advance human kind has made has been achieved through people being creative. Creativity exists in all of us, but few learn to explore and value it, and without the bare necessities of life, who can?

The next diorama was made for my daughters band, Ihrsan (meaning – doing the beautiful) [1]. She has a degree in environmental design (I think), but it’s her singing in a band that does it for me. The diorama took about 6 months to make, based on a track called, Waiting For The Summer Sun, and it’s now gone home.

Image: Homage to my daughters band – Ihrsan. No. 1.
Image: Homage to my daughters band – Ihrsan. No. 2.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron. 31 October 2021.


3 thoughts on “This is a recent project which I fiercely protect from the curse of money and marketing.

  1. Lovely post, Keith, and I love my winter scene, sits in front of Matthew’s and Ray’s photos that I give a kiss to each morning and hope they walk in peace and love wherever they are…stay safe and virus/flu/bad cold free and send big hugs to you, lovely man, and all my love that you’re feeling better today…:) XXX

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  2. Keith, I had much admired your Dioramas, then one day there was a tap on my door which I open to find you with a Diorama for me. I was so surprised I can’t even remember what I said to you. You didn’t come in as you were busy and tired, so you didn’t see the tears I shed. Why did I cry? Because what you made was not only beautiful
    but purely from love, no hidden agenda’s, just love ❤ which restored some much need faith in Humankind. Thank you for being you ❤ and mushy peas xx

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