Washing the brain washing

Image: Bargain basement – selling life short.

It’s a long and drawn out process…

I was born not knowing that the universe had given me the free gift of life, my parents hadn’t realised this either, or, if they had, they never thought to mention it to me. Nor did I, or they, realise that we are born onto this abundant Earth, also entirely for free, which exists in our solar system in just the right place for life to flourish. So far, so free. However, from that point on I was indoctrinated into giving up my freedom before I was even old enough to know I had it.

I was schooled into a world of Kings and Queens and rulers who had stolen all the land and if we wanted a bit we had to buy it off these or other land robbers and use it according to their rules and to pay for it all my working life. I was never mentally well enough to do that so I chose to rent (and remain landless).

From five to sixteen years of age I was held prisoner against my will and without consultation or consent in an institution colloquially known as ‘school’. During those 11 years I was indoctrinated with something they called education, in reality I departed their education system profoundly and chronically more ignorant than if I had never been there and terrified of a life that I was catastrophically ill prepared for.

Every day since then has been about washing the brain washing out of my system and it has been the most exquisitely painful, difficult and rewarding journey I’ve ever embarked on.

For most of my life I didn’t realise I was a part of nature. I had never grasped that every particle of my being was inseparable from nature, and it was a profound homecoming when I did, at last, get it, and thus a new journey began. I learnt that it is unique amongst humans to become so alienated from nature that we don’t know who or even what we are.

If we are alienated from nature and life, we don’t realise we are being robbed every day. I began to see what I had been educated for… servitude.

For most of my life I suffered from chronic depression, living in a permanent black hole of the darkest purgatory and misery. Over the years I was given a mind boggling assortment of medications to ‘help’ me live, but nothing changed until I stopped medicating myself and listened to the depression, which was telling me the truth, that everything was wrong… and it was right. The greatest help I received through the years was from wonderful, dedicated counsellors who were prepared to make the journey with me, as companions and fellow travellers, instead of dictating the journey they thought I should, or ought, to be on.

I have always questioned everything, I just didn’t do it with much skill, insight or understanding because I was ignorant. I made the assumption that everything was wrong and it turns out that was a good place to work from. It didn’t rid me of all the horse shit, it just meant that the things I learnt that had substance and were worth paying attention to didn’t have to vie with the nonsense I’d been schooled in and which did not stand the reality test of trial or time. Personally, I find it more helpful to have a huge pile of ‘bollocks’ to search through for anything of value than to assume any of it has value and have it cluttering up real stuff which has tried and tested value.

Here’s a thing, I have always detested lies, with an especial searing, vitriolic, hatred for adverts. Lies are part of the deception that prevents us from knowing, or makes us forget, who we are. Every lie distances me from myself, that’s what dishonesty does. Every lie has an agenda which is about control and all the lies we are surrounded by are about preventing us from being true to ourselves and from knowing ourselves and living fully. It’s not just that lies are not good, they are a vast well of evil that destroy lives and yet inhabit the very fabric of society including education. They, eventually, banned physical slavery, it’s time that mental slavery, which is even more profitable than physical slavery, joined it.

Here’s a thing. If I think I am educated, in so doing I prove I am not. Education isn’t a thing, it’s a life process. Having a degree, doesn’t mean I’m educated and having a degree isn’t an end, it’s a beginning, it is something that you kit yourself out with before embarking on your life of work, which is also mostly just another lie and not in any way meaningful for the majority of people other than earning a dismal crust as wage slaves.

Work is one of the greatest lies we are ever told and that if we work hard we’ll ‘get on’ in life. All we’ll ever do is run the country, as we always have, but do it on minimum wage and never escape from servitude whilst someone else pockets all the profit we make.

It is my hope that something here might be useful or even challenging to read, if it isn’t the failure is entirely mine. That, or you are just way ahead of me anyway. Whatever you do and wherever you go, I wish you clear sight and clear thoughts and insight for the most incredible journey any of us gets to live. Even if we don’t yet know it, life is the biggest deal on earth.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron. 13 July 2021.

One thought on “Washing the brain washing

  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts and about your personal journey, Keith…It takes courage to live your life with an open mind, a kind heart and to bear the suffering that inevitably comes from being unable to be one of the crowd, but with that comes a priceless gift and that is the freedom to observe the world around you from the outside looking in and to realise we are really one body made up of the many, and all are on their own unique journey as well, even if some seem to be on a very dark path, though maybe as essential as those on a path of light because you have to see the dark in order to understand the infinite value of the light…big hugs, Keith, hope you are recovering and all my love for the rest of you journey…

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