Learning to live Intuitively – for life

Image: This is not a real goat.

My world is changing, the more as I come to terms with our individual realities. We each live in a separate world dictated by our own unique experiences of life, both subjective and objective.

I am, due to forces and circumstances beyond my control, learning to reassess my reality, which is an entirely good thing, but which is intensely challenging.

It’s important to have a starting point, a base line which we all have in common, which is that we are all nature’s creatures, indivisible and inseparable from nature. If we do not understand that, or lose sight of it, we’ve already gone wrong and lost our way. The only thing that marks us as any different from anything else in nature is self awareness. We live in nature, we are sustained by nature, we breath, eat and drink it, and live all our lives contained by nature. We live on a planet, in the sweet spot of our galaxy, also known as the Goldilocks spot, which is just right for life to flourish. The life we each have is a free gift of nature and we live only through nature’s abundance. Whatever humanity has imposed on life is not part of nature, though we do each need to make an effort to stay alive and look after ourselves, but working for minimum wage in a bullshit job has nothing to do with nature. Being forced to buy or rent a home because the land has been stolen from us, is, again, nothing to do with nature. Just because the way things are done is dominated by certain ways and attitudes and we are culturalised and educated into those ways does not mean that’s the only way things can be done. It is, therefore, important, to know what’s natural and what is imposed by human rules, purposes and processes.

If we want to flourish, grow and prosper, we must also challenge, determine and hold true to ourselves, which includes not being blind and bland slaves to the imposed systems of human kind. If we have no human right to land to build a home on, it is entirely reasonable to ask, “Why not?” and demand it/take it. That’s not a restriction imposed by nature, it is entirely a human fabrication. It is by no means easy to challenge it, but that does not mean that we should simply accept it. Homelessness is a whole lot more than any individual failing, though it is all too often treated as such.

Let me put something here to consider. You wouldn’t knowingly put polluted water into a clean reservoir, so why do we accept that our children are educated to be as ignorant as we are, in ways that are abusive to life and to a wholesome future for them? A fellow blogger (Love Anddaisypetals) recently shared a conversation with her 11 year old nephew in which he said, “children can see what’s going on and what needs to be done, that housing, health, clothes, education, transport, utilities, etc., should be free for all: so that no one could be exploited and disadvantaged. He declared that it is children who are going to be hurt the most if the world’s leaders and adults don’t listen and don’t act now.” [1] Why would we want him, or allow him, to be ‘educated’ out of this place of insight and understanding?

Children are born with an innate ability to learn. With no language or ability to question and verbally express themselves, children learn by direct action, through their five senses – Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch. This is natures provision to kit children out for living, and they are voracious learners, hungry for life. They learn through the wisdom of experience, until they are sent to school and are taught not to do this any more, or to even recognise and know that such learning even existed in their lives (ridiculously [and abusively], it’s denigrated and dismissed as ‘play’). That’s the first assault on their lives to shape them for a life of servitude. Just like us.

I am 70 years old and every minute of every day is now spent working to change my mind and to live intuitively. I am driven by the same lust for life that is so obvious in children. I want to live with their wisdom, and to become ever more child like in my life, because it is self evidently true and real in children. It means that I am full of conflict, through everything that the world, the system, the ignorant, have forced upon me throughout my 70 years of life. But it is not a futile battle, it is a shift to a more natural way of being, in which the whole of nature is on my side. All nature does what I am drawn towards. It is powerful and life full. Just as it should be!

If we want the world to change, we must first learn to change ourselves and trust and believe in ourselves. All else follows.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron. 02 July 2021.

[1] https://loveanddaisypetals.com/2021/07/01/a-birthday-present/

One thought on “Learning to live Intuitively – for life

  1. Thank you so much for this fantastic blog and for quoting my blog and my nephew in it, Keith.
    I am so slow and also so engrossed in and distracted by so much, that I have only just seen it.
    Needless to say I have of course shared it too.

    I am 60 now and hope to learn from you to reclaim and regain my ability to live intuitively with all my senses and with Nature and to be “driven by the same lust for life that is so obvious in children”. I too “want to live with their wisdom, and to become ever more child like in my life, because it is self evidently true and real in children.”

    I love you and am so inspired by you and your ponderings, wisdom, kindness and love. Thank you.

    Love always,
    Mary-Ellen xxx


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