It’s a kind of magic…

Image: Avebury Portal Stone.

In my little adventure with my ‘You are here’ dioramas, I knew it would be a voyage of discovery, but I had no idea what I might discover…

My decision to not accept payment, barter, donations to charity or help with postage was carefully considered because I really wanted to see what would fall out in this little adventure.

Today I discovered that there is a magic involved in the process which money kills stone dead. To put it bluntly, there is nothing that money can’t fuck up, our lives in particular.

Magic is a very subtle thing, it works at the levels of feeling, intuition, well being and being at peace with the world, all of which are overwhelmed by the cold, hard, world of commerce and monetisation of people and things.

What do I mean by magic? I mean the subtle energy that affects our being, like the feelings inspired by a sunset or a lovely waterfall and natural beauty, but there’s more to it than that.

Shortly after I moved to Somerset I had a life changing experience at Avebury Stone Circle. Approaching the giant portal stones I saw that one of them had a natural seat in it [1]. On parking my tired bones in that seat, my whole body began to shake, starting in my belly. I was startled but not scared and I just sat and experienced it. It stopped after about 10 minutes and I returned to my car and set off for home. About half a mile down the road I was overwhelmed with great sobbing tears and had to pull over. Once I had recovered I felt that I had been welcomed home to a world of nature that was absent in my life in London and my best explanation was that I had been welcomed by the Earthsong, the rhythm and energy of the natural world. The intimate experience of nature has entirely changed who I am over time, I am literally not the same broken person who moved here from London and I now know and understand that we are indivisible from nature even if we are alienated from it. This is deep, beautiful stuff, a deep earth magic that is entirely available if we give it even half a chance.

This magic isn’t the dramatic stuff of fantasy tales, it is a magic of harmony, belonging, wholesomeness, peace and love and it is very real and very powerful. I cannot pretend to any great knowledge or understanding of it because I am still in kindergarten, a mere babe. But I am captivated by it and it definitely has my full attention.

In sharing my dioramas, I had no idea what was involved, I just knew I wanted to do this thing and to protect it from any incursion of finance which so dominates our western lives in which peace of mind and contentment are largely absent.

Every piece I send out has this magic inherent in it, they are made in what for me is a magical process, lovingly and painstakingly, with my own hands. They are made to be shared, because I want to do that. Even the packaging is carefully considered and a part of the process as a whole mind and body experience. I am not suggesting that anyone will necessarily feel any of that, but it’s there anyway, like nature, containing and imbued with Earth magic.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron. 26 February 2021.


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