To err is human. Thankfully.

Image: Your story isn’t calm – Victoria Erickson.

Three years ago, after a hospital appointment, in paying for parking I mistakenly entered two incorrect digits of my car registration number. A couple of months later I received a fixed penalty demand for not paying my parking fee. In checking my parking receipts, I wrote back, with photographic evidence, to say that I had paid in good faith but made an error and typed in the wrong digits. They responded with a further demand, and increased payment, saying that I should have entered the right numbers. I replied that, I knew I should have entered the correct numbers and had certainly intended to, it was simply a matter of human error. I received a further demand for payment and thus was war declared.

I eventually won, but was told I should ‘follow the parking terms and conditions displayed on the signage throughout the car park and ensure the correct vehicle registration details are input on any future visits to this car park’. When the humans administrating the system have been subsumed by that system, it’s irredeemably broken because nothing can prevent human error, a moments inattention, a brain fart, and any system that interacts with humans that cannot deal with human error is already broken by human error. Remember: to err is human, to forgive divine. Anything less than that is inhuman and depressingly dismal. Human interactive machines are not making life better for us, they are making it worse, as if being human is somehow faulty.

AI is taking over and forcing us to be compliant. This is completely bass ackwards. Life is the highest expression of nature and it is steadily being eroded in human attempts to copy and improve on it with machine intelligence. If technologists are attempting to take people ‘out of the loop’ they are failing life, even on production lines if people are then denied a living and sacrificed for profit.

Pardon me for inconveniencing you with my humanity, please, fuck right off.

Which brings me to global surveillance and privacy. I am grateful to life for making of me a transvestite. Pleasuring oneself is the most consensual sex we can ever have and it’s private. It’s no one else’s business but our own, unless we choose otherwise. Privacy is a right. Sacrosanct. Human. Anything that infringes on it is a violation, even though some actions taken in private are crimes and need exposing, such as child abuse. I do everything I can to protect my privacy, I do not have a camera or microphone permanently connected to my computer. I do not have Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana or other handy smart systems enabled. My smart phone is extensively disabled from all the crap they load on it to keep me connected to things I have no interest in being connected to, especially adverts. Of course, in this day and age, I am not surveillance free, but I am ever conscious and vigilant of the growing intrusions into my privacy and being a crossdresser keeps me vigilant. I am not trying to look pretty, I am not doing it for anyone but myself and it is no one else’s damned business. It is entirely about a fully consensual intimate relationship with myself and the entire universe can butt out. Surveillance is not making us safer and nor is it being done for our benefit.

There is no such thing as a terrorist, that’s a meaningless invention for anyone the state pleases to call a terrorist. It’s not the same as nurse, dentist, preacher, lorry driver, teacher, it has no meaningful definition and is merely a name for anyone so defined by the state and a reason for the proliferation of surveillance technology.

Socially there is no longer such a thing as innocent until proven guilty, in the surveillance state we are all ‘objects’ of suspicion and if I insist on privacy I must be up to something. Surveillers please note: I definitely am.

A word and a perspective on rights. A human right is not something that is allowed, it’s the inalienable right to do something. A bill of rights isn’t a bill of permissions, it’s merely a list. Everyone has the ability and the right to commit a crime whether we choose to or not, we’ll never see it on a bill of rights, but it’s still a right simply because we can and millions do every day.

The thing is that humans can control machines, and should, but setting out to control humanity is a crime against life. Humanity is necessarily messy, complex and diverse and impenetrably deep, just as it should be and the pinnacle of natures expression of itself.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron aka Keith Ordinary Guy. 04 February 2021.

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