I am responsible for what I write and for all its content

Image: Blue Meanies – The Medium is the Massage.

Everything you are about to read is down to me, no matter what I am writing about, the content of this piece is my responsibility, which includes anything in quotes.

Now to translate that to the media, no matter what they report, good or bad, saint or sinner, they are entirely responsible for spreading it about, for making it news, for manufacturing the publicity, as Marshall McLuhan wrote: The Medium is the Massage. [1]

John Lennon put it very eloquently when asked by the media about his drug use: “I never felt any responsibility, being a so-called idol. It’s wrong of people to expect it. What they are doing is putting their responsibilities on us, as Paul said to the newspapers when he admitted taking LSD. If they were worried about him being responsible, they should have been responsible enough and not printed it, if they were genuinely worried about people copying.” [2]

If people are influenced by a story in the news, it’s the news outlet that has influenced them, not who or what the story is about. Any claim, by the media to impartiality is bullshit. Reporters hide behind a moral and ethical smoke screen of their own making, as if they have a duty to report whatever they report, they don’t. They are being paid to pump out content, yet they do not accept responsibility for doing so. That is asinine, cowardly and dishonest.

In writing this piece, my intent is to influence my readers, to provoke thought, to question the horse shit of the mainstream media. I have an agenda here, because the mainstream media pisses me off.

Is it ok to report things as news? Of course. But if we are informed by it, we are influenced by it and by the choice of how it is reported. Words are not impartial and reporters chose their words with care to tell the story their way. Compare something in the Daily Mail with something in Rolling Stone Magazine, the difference is enormous, even if they are reporting the same story.

Anyone who has been hounded by media reporters and photographers knows they are jackals thirsting for blood and they’re relentless, yet they think of themselves as saints. [3]

There is nothing remotely saintly about the media, it’s a den of vipers and thieves and entirely responsible for ruining lives. Innocents beware, appearing on the media is not something to be accepted as a minor step to notoriety and a voice, its mostly a pigs breakfast and if you get to say what you actually want to say it’s a minor miracle because the media presenter is really just your handler of the moment and they call the shots.

Whatever you perceive the media to be, good or bad, it requires our best powers of perception and intelligence in handling it because the media is the massage, and it’s our minds that are being massaged.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron aka Keith Ordinary Guy. 29 January 2021.

[1] https://www.waterstones.com/book/9780141035826

[2] https://www.beatlesbible.com/features/drugs/

[3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEeGKqqQT5k&ab_channel=TheTelegraph

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