Enemy of the state

Image: Enemy of the State.

Since 2010 and the bankers global financial crash in 2008 I have grown ever more comfortable with being an enemy of the state. It might seem scary and a big deal, but it’s really inevitable, sensible and just in a world and a nation that puts profits before people and worse, sacrifices the lives of ordinary people for profit.

The bankers didn’t miss a beat and were soon back to outrageous bonuses with the bailout money that we were brutally forced to repay. Poor people were targeted for paying down the debt, as George Osborne remarked in cutting tax credits in his 2015 summer budget, “So those who oppose any savings to Tax Credits will have to explain how on earth they propose to eliminate the deficit, let alone run a surplus and pay down debt.” [1]

The crash heralded an all out war on the poor and launched many radically politicised people, sites and protests, including my own ‘Letter a Day to Number 10’ [2]. The Tories had taken the gloves off and ordinary people were dying to pay for corporate greed.

Universal Credit remains a killing machine which, through the despicable sanctions regime, deprived people of the means of survival for up to 3 years and targeted the poorest and most vulnerable people in Britain. We will never know the true numbers of our dead because the government stopped even bothering to count them.

The war in Iraq was just another war of aggression, the preferred method for warfare by the West since WWII, which the Nuremberg court described as the supreme international crime. No amount of state tubthumping and flag waving can excuse warfare absent of self defence.

It is unconscionable to support a state which is conducting wars of oppression and subjugation for greed and resources at a vast cost of innocent lives at home and abroad and yet that is now entirely commonplace.

There is no other position for people of conscience than to be enemies of the state, we have committed no crimes or atrocities, such are entirely the province of the state. It is our human right and entirely just to stand on firm ground in good conscience to oppose state crimes against ordinary people. I do not know how else in all conscience and kindness I could sleep at night.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron. 07 January 2021.

[1] https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/chancellor-george-osbornes-summer-budget-2015-speech

[2] http://www.keithordinaryguy.org.uk/

4 thoughts on “Enemy of the state

  1. It’s a curious journey, isn’t it, from citizen to enemy? I resigned from the forces in 2003 over the second invasion of Iraq, having been involved in, and a supporter of, the first attack. I’ve lost a number of friends over it. I think that’s why I love Corbyn so much. He was an exemplar of a state I didn’t need to be an enemy of.

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