Radical questions and answers are needed

Home, if you have the rent.

The entire world is run on a system that we have to pay for everything. It’s a rotten system that has existed for centuries but possibly the worst system that’s emerged from the Industrial Revolution is the theft of our industrialised labour for profit in which most companies pay us the minimum they can get away with in pursuit of maximum profit. Thus the world is split into the haves at the top and the have nots at the bottom, with some variation in between, but the basic exploitative model is fixed.

We no longer think of the land as common to all, with successive enclosure acts the land (the Earth) has became a legal possession and there is now almost no common land in Britain. Unlike our earnings, land is not subject to taxation, thus owning a swathe of the Earth for ones own exclusive use and profit is given a free ride, yet if ordinary people want to buy a home to live in they must pay a tax on it, called stamp duty [1]. Houses (homes) are not a human right and are treated as a marketable and taxable commodity.

Basically, living on Earth, we must pay rent for the privilege and if we cannot afford that rent we are made destitute and homeless and considered to be, and treated as, outcast.

Let’s be very clear about something that’s common to all creature kind, we are physical beings and must expend physical effort to live, except in extremely rare cases of severely disabled people in which others must expend effort on their behalf. This is all very natural, normal and good, what is not good is having no rights to land or resources in the first place from which to make and produce the stuff of life, as an animal will make a nest or den and forage for food and not have to work to earn the means or the right to do that.

Right now in Britain child poverty is increasing and yet children are prevented by law from active participation in the economy. So what do those in power do? They blame the parents but never question the system or the poverty they are responsible for maintaining.

There is something that is called ‘conventional wisdom’ – a generally accepted theory or belief. There really isn’t much wisdom in the way the world is structured against the living.

You know, we’re enquiring creatures, so why are we not examining how we live? Is our present structure such a sacred cow? What stops us asking the questions about a shitty system that does not serve the needs or the humanity of the vast majority of ordinary people in the world?

Is another world possible? And if not, why not? Why are we not exercising our minds for the good of life? Why are we not challenging a system that is almost uniformly crap for most people? Admittedly there are prodigious resources expended to maintain the illusion of the present system, but to not even question it?

There’s an old expression, ‘You can’t beat the system’. I wonder where that came from? It didn’t come from me. Was it you? Who was it? Who decided that such a self defeating expression should make its way into the world? So we’ll just carry on and let the system beat us, eh? Really?

We’re not helpless children, are we?

We need more dreamers and thinkers, visionaries and seekers, tryers and doers, experimenters, determined and energised people. We’re not short of them. Like Streets Kitchen, born in a squat, where else [2]?

A huge part of the problem is familiarity. In order to question we need to free up our minds, as if we’re aliens from another planet, to see what we’re not seeing because we’re too familiar with our world. Maybe, from wherever you are, you don’t think it’s too shabby down here, yet according to the United Nations 25,000 people die of hunger every day. That looks pretty damned shabby to me. It’s reckoned that it’d take up to $265 billion per year to end world hunger [3]. If that sounds like a lot, the world spends over 6 times that in arms ($1.7 trillion) every year, bearing in mind that the use of arms is just adding to the death toll of those who do not make or profit from war and that war is the ultimate failure of civilisation [4].

Were someone to write an honest school report on the state of the Earth and humanity, ‘Should try harder’ might figure somewhere in the comments section.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron aka KOG. 05 October 2020.

[1] https://www.propertymark.co.uk/advice-and-guides/buying-a-home/stamp-duty-land-tax-explained/

[2] https://www.streetskitchen.org/about-us-2

[3] https://www.un.org/en/chronicle/article/losing-25000-hunger-every-day

[4] https://ec.europa.eu/knowledge4policy/foresight/topic/changing-security-paradigm/world-military-expenditure_en

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