The UK needs proactive joyfully revolting people

It’s shockingly bad when fools are in charge making a mess of our lives, especially fools who are so privileged they are beyond incompetent, whose every utterance is pretty much dribbling nonsense.

We may have to suffer them and the fools who vote for them but we also have to survive them and that’s the challenge.

First things first, the problem is fools with power, thus they are dangerous fools, but only for that reason. Were it not for the positions they’re are in, we could ignore them entirely and leave them to their ignorant champagne life styles and not give a damn for or about them. If we take them seriously, we lend them a credence they do not deserve and they are bolstered by it. That’s a deadly combination. Fundamentally Boris Johnson, Gavin Williamson, Liz Truss, Priti Patel, Chris Grayling, Michael Gove, to name the first fools who spring to mind, are useless. Johnson looks more overwhelmed by his fundamental uselessness on a daily basis. He’s so far over his head that he’s coming apart at the seams, because he’s been promoted beyond any level of competence he never had or even aspired to. All he wanted was power and he’s an ignorant idiot at large and should be treated as such. Each one of them is a Baldrick, but lacking the genius of the creator, writers and actor behind the role Tony Robinson played in Blackadder. Instead we have Dominic Cummings, just another idiot at large and a man so full of himself it’s a wonder he can get his ego through doors.

The media is entirely complicit in this, reporting and commenting daily, lending them a credence they do not deserve, letting their consumer base and target audience down, us, ordinary people. We are the mainstream media’s bread and butter, and they are now begging us for support. Maybe it’s time they began respecting us and doing a proper job of holding power to account and something worth paying for before bringing their financial woes to us to sort out.

Of course they’re not just fools, but dangerous fools. Hundreds of thousands of people have paid the ultimate price for their mendacious stupidity and, yes, ultimately they should be held to account, yet we’re missing a trick. Until we find an effective way to do something about them, feeding at the trough of dismal daily misery that they are entirely responsible for does nothing other than drag us down into dreary, wearing, misery. It is far more important that we find ways to survive and manage our lives and mental health in a world gone mad, than it is to Tweet endless tales of dismalness to each other in a never ending echo chamber of righteous (and it is righteous) indignation. It should be obvious by now that it’s not doing anything. In ten long dismal years, what we’ve been doing has achieved what exactly?

When I decided to write a letter a day to number 10, it was the best I could come up with and I have not a single regret for the time and effort it took to do that and a few thousand people were informed and heartened by them, yet they did absolutely nothing to the fools in power who ignored them utterly, other than perhaps placing me on a list of disaffected individuals somewhere. Make no mistake, they don’t like ordinary people, they are going to great lengths to silence us and steal our human rights and force us into slave labour and servitude, killing hundreds of thousands in the process [1][2][3]. Their contempt for our lives is all encompassing. But…

We are a force to be reckoned with, we just need to be an effective force and we need to come up with better ways to be effective. Conforming to the same old ways and patterns of behaviour that have served the ruling elites for centuries does not seem to be working. Whilst we must take their policies and actions seriously (they are robbing and killing us, after all) how we respond is the crucial issue. We need to find a better way and given our inestimable value and the skills and talents that exist in us and the thoughtful, creative, resourceful, motivated and energised desire to bring about a better world, we need to change, I need to change, and there’s not a moment when I am not focused on that. Trying to work it out.

The main problem, as I see it, is in being reactive instead of proactive, being sucked into endless reactions to the crimes they are committing against us, fuelled by indignation and anger.

I began ‘Conspiracy of Kindness’ because I learnt, in my years as a Community and Youth Worker, that my role as an informal educator, unconstrained by the dictates of the formal education system, was to enable change in the lives of young people which was life enhancing and life changing to build up confidence, self respect, empowerment, understanding and caring and consideration for themselves. It was always and entirely about empowerment and the single most empowering thing I discovered was the power of kindness as a life changing experience.

The entire point of ‘Conspiracy of Kindness’ is to explore change, driven by completely unforeseen and unforeseeable circumstances that have changed my life and driven me to radically reevaluate my entire approach to life and living. The crux of the matter is that I died and came back and I am no longer the same person I was prior to that incredible experience. The month prior to my temporary demise was a month of indescribable pain as an opportunistic and super aggressive cancer took hold and I lost 13 kilos in weight in 4 weeks and only managed to get myself to hospital at the last minute, literally. Coming back to the shores of life, I discovered that I’d been invaded with something utterly new to me. Indescribable joy. Quite literally, the joy of life and I was completely over the top with this brand new completely unforeseen and unforeseeable thing that had decided to invade me. I can’t even say that I welcomed it in any consenting way, I was it, it entirely took over, infusing me with its presence. It was irrepressible and what the hell the hospital staff made of it I’ll never know, but I couldn’t stop beaming. I’d never known anything like it and I was full to bursting point, so I did. Time has been the leveller it always is, but the baseline of joy remains which, it is now clear, had nothing to do with any drugs that might have been administered whilst I was unconscious and busily dying and returning.

I cannot say that I have found anything yet as an existential and pragmatic way forward, apart from writing and hopefully encouraging, but what I do have is an opportunity in which the desire to be proactive overrides and supersedes any desire to be reactive. There are more than enough people spreading the word about the UK’s dismal, neo-fascist, government along with their poodle media and there’s also a growing and very able alternative independent media, so there is no excuse for being ignorant or uninformed [4][5][6][7].

It behoves me to pay attention to the new wind that’s blowing in my life, and that is precisely what I am doing and I am far from alone in seeking alternatives, there are very healthy creative people and movements that are seeking and inspiring as they go. No one knows where we go from here and I don’t think anyone saw even the possibility of the UK turning into a petty right wing dictatorship, and I use petty deliberately and disparagingly against these utter fools who’ve usurped democracy and law in service to their despicable yet intellectually challenged and morally bankrupt plans.

So I am very happy about what’s happened in my life to kick me in another direction which, for me, is both exciting and long sought. I have always had a serendipitous relationship with life and this seems like the ultimate expression of that for me.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron aka KOG. 1 October 2020.








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