The most desirable opposition is an impotent one

Television is just the shadow of what’s shafting us

A confused and self doubting opposition is far better than a certain one because certainty leads to action, and that’s exactly what they (those in power) seek to prevent.

There is nothing outside ourselves that creates certainty, no talisman, mantra, meme or set of statements. The certainty is all inside, it is the summation of a balance of probabilities, a conviction of experience and learning, a conclusion of persistent enquiry. Even science does not make any claim to absolute certainty, it exists in a continuous state of enquiry but is unafraid to act on the balance of certainty of current knowledge.

Manipulating the masses is nothing new, Edward Bernays openly set out to achieve just that and was enormously successful. But modern day misinformation goes a stage further, manufacturing impotence.

As long as we try to make sense of Boris Johnson’s endless twaddle, we’ll do nothing, same for Trump, same for every fuckwit politician in Westminster and the same for the establishment owned mass media.

As long as they can hold our attention and keep us drowning in their bullshit, we’ll do nothing.

Amazingly, the solution is really simple – look away. Don’t allow your focus to be captured by their bullshit. As soon as you make the effort, and it is an effort, sometimes a truly hard and determined effort, to look away, it disappears like morning mist.

Make no mistake the issues are real, it’s a baited trap with live bait in it, like refugees. So looking away provokes the feeling that you’re turning away from the refugees, rather than the trap they’ve laid. As every troll know, it matters what’s on the hook in order to get bites, but once you bite they just reel you in, again and again. It becomes an addiction, returning to the hook to see what’s on it today.

It will always be something juicy. Stop going there. Get out of the pond. Go and breath some real air, get your shoes off and wander on grass, reclaim your mind and your attention.

Gavin Williamson is always going to be the idiot man child, Chris Grayling is always going to be failing Grayling, Boris Johnson is always going to be the waffling idiot and nothing you or I can say or do is going to make a difference to them and their filthy games. They are above the law, they do get away with murder, they are completely immoral, they are criminals and enemies of life.

Get your own life back, and then you can be effective in your own life and in the lives of others. You can work for survival in a broken world and you can make a difference. In fact you are the only one who can make a difference in your life and within your sphere of influence. You are the cavalry, the help, the aid, the voice, the reason, the action, the will, the choice, the love, the kindness, the care, that the world is screaming out for.

Yes, it’s you (me). Wonderful you (me), fabulous you (me), glorious you (me). Alive and well and brimming with innate life that they have been tapping and sapping for years, from childhood.

The trick to staying home and remaining present to yourself is in not going out, not taking those daily jaunts to visit those cess pools of lies, bullshit and bigotry. Liars lie, bullshitters bullshit and bigots are bigoted, who fucking knew? How many times do we have to prove it before we just stop going to their vile little shit shops to fuck ourselves up… yet again? Or, how many times must we repeatedly allow a liar (or a confidence trickster) into our house before we decide it’s not such a good idea? At what point does it just become self harm?

It’s like the trick to not getting burnt is not putting our hand in the fire. We teach children that and this is really no different, just a dirty trick is all.

Why are we living in a nation drowning in impotence? Because they manufactured it. They fucked us in the head with self doubt, with waiting for a clarity that is never going to come from anywhere outside of ourselves. It was designed to do that job by clever bastards. And it worked.

Now leave! Come home, put the coffee on and smell it. Or bake bread and smell that, or dig the earth and smell that, plant seeds, nurture them and watch them grow, get back to life. It’s right there, just waiting for you, right where it’s always been.

Come home.

KOG. 30 August 2020.

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