Well! That’s no damned apology!

A Conspiracy of Kindness

I am aware that there are people struggling with where I am at now. I am sorry that is so, I have grown much more radical with the passing years but it will never be any conscious intention of mine to alienate people. But, necessarily, that will be the case.

Unfortunately any desire to hold me to account will meet with frustration. I am accountable for my actions towards others, to which I happily submit. I make no claim to infallibility, but for my hard won beliefs, ideas and ideological standpoint I submit to no one. Frankly, they are no ones business but my own and in which I suffer no interference, even, and perhaps especially, as a writer.

A fair number of people were irked, some in the extreme, by my letters to number 10. I asked no ones advice or opinion nor sought permission from anyone. They were undertaken on my own cognizance, again, a sore point for those of an interfering nature. And I engaged in debate on the subject not even once. Then as now, I am not a democracy.

I was once the child of that lesser god, man, and believed so many of the lies told me, not least in school and paid a heavy price in mental ill health. That is not a mistake I will repeat as an informed adult nor will I knowingly ever lend my consent to lies and oppression of any kind.

Coming home to oneself is not for people pleasers. Of necessity it requires a strong, enquiring, mind, a robust personality and a necessary independence of spirit.

Having a problem with any of that isn’t my problem and nor will I make any attempt to pick it up or deal with it in any way.

I am done with politics because I am done with fools. If fools cease to usurp power, perhaps I’ll come back to politics, but at 69 and seeing the state of the world, that is unlikely in the extreme.

To haters and detractors, that’s your own bile you’re wasting. Surely you have better things to do.

For the rest of beautiful humanity long may we continue and flourish in these dark days.

The world is in dire need of us. The oppressed, the broken, the beaten, hungry, homeless and heart broken, the dreamers and visionaries, the makers and healers, the thinkers and seekers and the hungry of spirit, the creators, poets, rappers, artists, actors, writers and music makers. There is so much in life to joyously and lovingly absorb us.

Let’s be about it.

KOG. 29 August 2020.

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