If we want to reclaim and save the Earth we must first begin with ourselves

There is no other way

It may seem the most ridiculously obvious thing to say, to some, and yet our greatest asset in life is our ability to do things.

It is that ability that has been exploited by capitalism and enabled Jeff Bezos to become the richest man who’s ever lived.

Of course the other gift that capitalism has given us is to be educated to be small in our own eyes and to undermine and undervalue our ability to ‘do’.

Minimum wage we’re told we’re worth, enshrined in law, less than a human being needs to live on.

Not that the minimum wage is any measure of the true worth of our labour, but that we have been educated to accept such a demeaned and miserable worth whilst being robbed of our true value.

All this and more is coming to an end as the robbing class take us to the brink of extinction in their blind greed and stupidity.

The greatest tragedy for the world is that they believe their own lies, that all is subservient to their juvenile and pretentious wills.

The entire world has been kept enslaved to their ideology of greed for thousands of years and now we face the end of days for life on earth, because they are too dumb to stop even though the writing is on the wall.

In the UK we have a government of kindergarten adults, as ignorant, blind and stupid as any group of seeming adults can be.

Matched only, perhaps, in the United States for dumb stupidity, who play their stupid pantomime games whilst tearing everything apart.

Dinosaurs, long past their extinction date, blundering towards an end of their own making, at last.

And the only thing that can save the world, or make the effort, is us, the great deceived masses and the Earth itself if we can give it the space it needs to recover.

Our ability to do has never been more important or more significant. Whether we are small in our own eyes or not, in all matters great or small it is we who are the Earth’s last chance, before the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned and all that is left to eat is money… for those who have gathered it all for themselves.

One last effort to exploit our own skills and talents to save the world. Win or lose, if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, and we are, if we care to look, very skilled, after all it is we who have kept the world going this long, all the rich have ever done is rob us and stash their ill gotten gains, our ‘surplus value’ in tax havens.

In a universe which is entirely dependent on stuff to operate and function and sustain life, perhaps it is time to reclaim our innate abilities to do stuff, make stuff and care for stuff. For all our sakes.

Perhaps it’s time for change. Wouldn’t you say? For our ‘say’ is the only say that matters.

KOG. 29 August 2020.

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